Kexi/Junior Jobs/Simple Form Widgets

Status: done


Implement these widgets:

  • OPEN, DIFFICULTY=3/5 Command Link Button (based on KexiCommandLinkButton from

kexiutils/), no data type

  • OPEN, DIFFICULTY=5/5 Slider (based on QSlider), should bind to column of data type: int
  • OPEN, DIFFICULTY=5/5 Progress Bar (based on QProgressbar), should bind to column of data type: int, user of course cannot change its value by clicking on it
  • OPEN, DIFFICULTY=5/5 Calendar (based on KDatePicker), should bind to column of data type: QDate
  • Required skills: basic Qt, average C++
  • Work within a new branch kexi-widgets-shreya, please create.
  • All these widgets should be provided by plugins/forms/kexidbfactory.cpp and have implementation in individual files in plugins/forms/.
  • Look at how Kexi's button widget is implemented/exposed in forms (for non-data widgets)
  • Look how text line edit is implemented/exposed in forms (for data widgets)

Notes to mentor:

  • Please always emphasize importance of coding style to students and check that - it's so easier to maintain the style from day one instead of fixing afterwards. Show Techbase articles for that.
  • Take care of coding practices too (see Techbase articles)

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