Kexi/Junior Jobs/Proofreading for Kexi 2.4 messages

  • Status: done
  • By: Stephanie Das Gupta, stephaniedasgupta at gmail dot com
  • Mentor: [email protected]
  • The Task: Kexi messages have been sporadically proofread. The task is to proofread all new messages in Kexi, edit .pot files to make corrections and send them back to the contact person. This includes messages of libraries that Kexi uses, koproperty, koreports, and koreport and kexiform plugins.
    • Messages are at lines marked with msgid. Lines marked by msgctxt are comments for translators, not used in the app. For example real translatable string below is "object" in the msgid line.
#: core/kexipart.cpp:123
msgctxt ""
"Translate this word using only lowercase alphanumeric characters (a..z, "
"0..9). Use '_' character instead of spaces. First character should be a..z "
"character. If you cannot use latin characters in your language, use english "
msgid "object"

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