Kexi/Junior Jobs/Ask for password when Test Connection

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Status: DONE, Target: 2.8.7, Difficulty: EASY

Assigned to: Roman Shtemberko <[email protected]>

Proposed and mentored by Jstaniek (talk) 09:58, 6 November 2014 (UTC)


(Issue found by Roman)

In “Add/Edit a New Database Connection” dialog "Test Connection" function isn't working without checking “Save Password in The Shortcut file” check-box. But enabling this option shouldn't be required.



The Task

Kexi should ask for password if it's not known. Check if password is needed, and ask if needed. Look for the getPasswordIfNeeded() function, and how it's used elsewhere in Kexi connection assistants.

Notes: Only ask for password when needed. Kexi associates the password with connection data in memory even if it's not saved to disk, so the above function will take advantage of that and next the time question won't be asked (until Kexi is restarted).