Kexi/Junior Jobs/Add watermark feature to reports

Status: UNASSIGNED, Target: 3.1+, Wish #????, Difficulty: MEDIUM

Proposed and mentored by Adam Pigg and Jstaniek (talk) 01:16, 30 November 2014 (UTC)

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The Goal

Watermark is a semi-transparent image that appears to sit below the content of a page.


OpenRPT supports watermarks (GitHub link: [1]). Similar support can be added to Kexi. We don't mean copying the code but feature set could be similar.


  • R1: Design extension of the KoReport format for supporting watermarks
  • R2: Add watermarkText (string) property containing text to display as watermark
  • R2.1: watermarkText is plain text or HTML depending on richTextWatermark property explained below
  • R2.2: watermarkText is ignored if watermarkDataSource is non-empty
  • R3: Add watermarkDataSource (string) pointing to name of data source field, which should be used to pulling data for the watermark; R2.1 applies here too
  • R4: Watermarks is static when watermarkText is non-empty and watermarkDataSource is empty, then it's the same on every page
  • R5: Watermarks can be dynamic, it's when watermarkDataSource is non-empty, text is pulled from data source
  • R6: Watermark can be rich text or plain text; for this add "boolean richTextWatermark" property, false by default
  • R7: There's one watermark per page, is displayed below all content, regardless of sections layout
  • R8: watermark has font specified, for this add (QFont) watermarkFont; default reasonable (big) font should be set
  • R9: Opacity of the watermark text should be controllable, for this add watermarkOpacity property of type qreal, values: 0.0..1.0, default should be 0.25


  • Image watermarks?

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