Kexi/Junior Jobs/Add Close All Tabs command

Status: Done, Target: 2.9, Difficulty: EASY

Proposed and mentored by Jstaniek (talk) 19:45, 14 March 2014 (UTC)

The Goal

Implement "Close All Tabs" command for tabs of opened views.


When more tabs are open, closing one by one is a tedious job.


  1. There is "Close Tab" command already implemented, "Close All Tabs" would be similar:
  2. The command should be placed below the "Close Tab"
  3. The command should close all tabs without any question
  4. The command's caption should be translated (use i18n())
  5. The command should have no icon
  6. The command should be always enabled


  1. Starting point to look is implementation of Close Tab action in KexiMainWindowTabWidget

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