KDE Mobile/QML/Components

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Started Jstaniek 21:15, 7 March 2011 (UTC)


  • Desktop KDE apps are very different, they use KDE/Qt QWidgets.
  • To port and app, one needs to extract the business logic (and keep only it, probably stripping it down) and then design the workflow for the mobile UX
  • Basic, default QML components may be sufficient to implement the mobile UX but it's good to perform some research, so common QML components (and other plugins) could be shared by KDE apps across mobile platforms supporting QML
  • Default QML components may need styling compliant with various mobile platforms, currently those Android-based
  • Note: this is not a call to duplicate "plasma innovation" on the mobile or mimick the Oxygen style there: the goal is to have natively looking and polished applications (there's a lot of room for innovation of course since mobile apps take quite liberal approach to styling)