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OVI Sprint Discussion Draft

This page holds verbatim our the notes from the discussion we held in the 2010 Munich OVI sprint. We thank the Nokia Munich branch for providing us their meeting room for the sprint meetings and work.

Why is KDE important?

xx millions on users worldwide (large deployments)
xxxx developers worldwide 
cool and free technology

What can KDE do for OVI ?

  • Revenue streams- more store downloads.
  • Replacement for OVI files (ownCloud)
  • Showing support for openness more publicly.
  • Provide content for the OVI store.
  • Support in Symbian's smart installer for KDE based software.
  • Increase user base of OVI.
  • Professional API review and API design
  • Apps? (only meego branded defaults)
  • OVI promotion.
  • More users contributing to maps.
  • Add social awareness (-syncing) for PIM data.

What can OVI do for KDE ?

  • Give us API(s)! (maps???, store, music) and Documentation
  • Use standard API(s) for app-store integration (OCS) music
 * Will also be nice to have for PIM.
  • Share revenue streams for stuff downloaded via Amarok.
  • KDE promotion.
  • Fix OVI to work better with syncevolution.
  • Provide OVI data layers (traffic, interest points etc) to OpenStreetMap.

What features could be added to OVI ?

  • Location - context - awareness. (what does that actually mean?)
  • Dependency management in OVI store. (Directly extend Smart Installer?)

OVI files ---> ownCloud

  • files.OVI.com would be webDAV w/history.
  • Corporate and private and self-host.
  • Simple client development:
    • WebDAV for basic file support.
    • OCS for extensions.
  • Selling points to end-users:
    • Free, easy storage by Nokia + upgrades for money.
    • Own-hosted for companies and other private installations

App Store


  • We suggest to create an open API for the Ovi App Store to integrate it with other services and KDE.
  • The API should support uploading/publishing and downloading/buying and donations
  • We suggest to use OCS, an existing open API specification, which is alread in use in Maemo and MeeGo. The library to access this API (attica) is part of the official MeeGo stack


  • Create and app ecosystem around Ovi instead of an monolithic like iTunes
  • Easy to setup and run white label stores because OCS is multi-client capable
  • Automatically work with the existing app store client in KDE (GHNS) -> more customers
  • Automatically work with the existing development tools for uploading -> more developers
  • Automatically work with the existing content creation tools for uploading -> more content like ringtones, wallpapers, ...


  • Integration with KDevelop (very famous IDE on Linux)
  • Integration with Plasmate (great widget development tool)
  • Document Templates uploading and downloading/buying directly from inside
  • Uploading of content from kde apps to Ovi. Themes, Ringtones, Wallpaper, Games content, ...
  • Downloading/Buying in all apps
    • Wallpapers
    • other content
    • game content
    • In app purchases


  • Could get more feedback by offering their data to OpenStreetMap.
  • Changes to OSM --> suggestions for merges to OVI ?
  • Licensing?? Of both, OSM carries a CA-BY-SA sharelike ?
  • Could use OSM as a base for new areas where OVI needs to map.

Maps API wishlist

We apparently need to reconsider this,as we dont exactly need an API for downloading the map data: its a download of the CDT file, which directly works in the nokia maps application: http://www.hpsblog.com/2009/07/direct-download-for-ovi-maps-30-without.html

Comment from a Marble Developer: There is an API available already and Marble can display OviMaps via that API just fine. The only real problem there would be licensing which currently doesn't allow Marble to use OviMaps data.

  • Traffic info:
    • Larger user for testing the data set.
    • OVI promotion thereof.
  • Maps (duh!) already has that??
  • Favorite places (social context) read/write for social GPS.
  • Augments the very good mobile application "Marble Mobile" with OVI data, OVI can benefit from using it on the platform where Nokia does not have a complete map application (turn by turn??). Comment from a Marble Developer: Turn by Turn navigation is explicitely prohibited by the Ovi Maps Terms and Conditions

Summary/ breakdown of subjects

OVI Benefits:

  • Money from store.
  • More users.
  • More feedback on maps.
  • More content for stores.
  • Looking more open.
  • Promotion and good press.
  • Replacement for OVI files.
  • API Help/Review

KDE benefits

  • Spread our software.
  • More users.
  • Money from selling content ?
  • KDE on you phone, someday ?
  • Publicity (KApps in OVI)
  • Content (Music!!)

Tasks for OVI

  • mapping API, Comment from a Marble developer: There is an API already. Problem is the restrictive Licensing.
  • music API
  • OCS api.
  • Proper documentation with examples for all the APIs.
  • Smart installer integration for KDE apps on Symbian.

Tasks for KDE

  • GUI for PIM stuff, Qt pure.
  • KDE mobile packaging.
  • Amarok integration.
  • Marble integration.
  • easy way to creat and upload content.
  • Blogging and marketing.
  • help OVI defining APIs.