Administration guide

What's in the box?

season.kde.org offers full control to the administrators of the website. There is a big list of tools at your disposal as a site admin. Administrators can be identified by a PandoraAdmin.png badge on their user profile.

Admin ACL

The site admin ACL is maintained at KDE Identity (group name: season-admins). If you wish to be added to the group, please ask an existing SoC admin to send us a mail to [email protected].

Context based administration

As a site administrator, you will have access to the administration context menu across the website.


Items in this menu will change based on the page you are viewing. Specific scenarios has been discussed below in this document. For referential purposes, this contextual menu has been referred to as the Administration menu going forward.

Managing programs

You can create new programs, edit existing programs, delete programs and set them as inactive from the Administration ⇒ Manage programs module.

  • To create a new program, click on the Add new program button.
  • To edit a program, click on the PandoraPencil.png icon from the list of programs.
  • To delete a program, click on the Delete button after opening the program editor from point 2 above.
  • To make a program active or inactive, set the Active checkbox accordingly from the program editor. A program should be marked as inactive outside its start and end dates.

Approving project proposals

You can approve proposals from the Administration ⇒ Approve proposals module. Simply click on the PandoraTick.png icon to approve or PandoraCross.png icon to reject a proposal. You can view the proposal details by clicking on its title.

Approving mentor applications

You can approve mentor applications from the Administration ⇒ Approve mentors module. The process is similar to proposal approvals.

Sending notification mails

You can trigger email notifications for all programs from the Administration ⇒ Notification mails module. Each program has two types of emails: acceptance emails and result emails. Acceptance emails are sent out to students and mentors only after the mentor deadline is reached while result emails are sent out to students once the program has ended. Use the Send notifications button to trigger these mails. No matter when you trigger them, the mails will be sent only past these deadlines.

Managing email templates

Administrators can edit the outgoing email templates from Administration ⇒ Edit email templates module. Select the template and the language and click on Load template to start editing. Following templates are currently available:

  • accept.tpl - Proposal accepted notification for students and mentors after the mentor deadline
  • reject.tpl - Proposal rejected notification for students and mentors after the mentor deadline
  • pass.tpl - Student passed notification after program completion
  • fail.tpl - Student failure notification after program completion

Banning a user

You can ban a KDE Identity user from logging into season.kde.org from Administration ⇒ Manage user bans. Currently, the system supports banning by username only.

View approved and rejected projects

You can view rejected projects for any program and accepted projects for inactive (previous) programs (referred to as archived projects) by selecting the appropriate option from the admin context menu.

Contextual links

The following contextual links are available for administrators:

Create new project

This link is available at the program home and allows the admin to create a new project for that program. An admin can later edit any project and change the student and mentor usernames, as well as edit other project attributes.

View participants

This option is also available on the program homepage. This allows the admins to look up participating users, their roles (mentor / student) or search for a specific participant.

Accept or reject proposals

To accept or reject a proposal, you have to open a proposed project and select the Accept project or Reject project option from the contextual admin menu.

Working with the site

There are no restrictions applicable on an administrator on season.kde.org itself. However, there are a few things an admin cannot do.

  • Administrators have unrestricted access to all programs and projects including edit and delete rights.
  • Admins can change or remove students and mentors from a specific project at any point of time.
  • Admins do not have the capability to edit user profiles or add other admins to season.kde.org. That is because the KDE Student Programs website does not maintain a user database and relies on KDE Identity for the data. So as a site admin, if you wish to make any changes to the ACLs being used by season.kde.org, please send a mail to [email protected].

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