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A very nice table that I'm very proud of having done by myself, because, hey it looks nice!

There were discussions about what to use. At the end, 3 solutions where retained:

Type Getting things done Maintainability Custom themes Localization
Wordpress Very fast for basic stuff, more difficult for specific needs Very good if we don't need to develop new plugins Not sure if possible to have several presentations of posts Seems to be possible with extra plugins (POT?)
Drupal A little more difficult for basic stuff but constant learning curve Very good if we don't need to develop new plugins, a lot can be done through web interface, configuration can be exported/imported as xml A theme should be written from scratch / expended. Almost everything possible Feature present in core. POT files should be exportable with plugins
Custom solution Very specific, unexpected issues can appear because of corner cases With a good framework (Django, Sf2, Laravel), there are coding rules so it should not go everywhere but still need to maintain that. What about in 5 years? Everything possible, should be written. Whatever we want


  • Wordpress seems too simplistic for what we need.
  • Drupal will need a custom theme and certainly some extra modules (specially for the applications page + announcements) but the tests are very promising.
  • I (ochurlaud) am afraid that we create a monster like Capacity again and that it's not maintainable on the long run. Also it means that we need to maintain it for security holes etc...

We (Lydia, Olivier and Ken) decided to go with Drupal. The choice is supported by (some) other members. The website is on https://www-devel.kde.org



We want to release something as early as possible, even if not finished.

What is mandatory: Announcements + Theme + Plain pages (what is KDE...)

The Applications things can be worked on later, after release.

The theme will be based on the current neon.kde.org. It looks modern and has good feedback.

Currently on progress

  • Content transposition from one website to another.
  • Theming (by Ken)

If Ingo and Minh could begin to see how to port the neon theme to Neverland? + Ken should start a repo with his work on the theme.

Scratch repos for themes

  • Ken:
  • Neverland:


Type of content

normal pages with text/picture content
Difficulty: easy
Grid with applications, on click, show details
Idea: use e-commerce plugin and remove prices (can we subclass a plugin?)
Based on a normal blog post, however we need to link this somehow to the git repos/scripts
Blogs, tweets and other feeds
Feeds plugin,


The theme must be usable (in term of style and colors) by all the KDE websites and represent its identity.

Other features

Need a ldap/phabricator connection [done]
Need to know who is allowed to do what [reflection to continue with sysadmin]