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Project Name

Sponsor: Aleix Pol, Marco Martin and Neofytos

It's actually a few projects:

  • MauiKit: a framework that shares UX components
  • Index: file manager
  • pix: image viewer
  • Buho: notes application
  • Nota: simple text editor
  • Library: e-book reader
  • Station: terminal emulator
  • Union: contacts application and a dialer for mobile


Uri Herrera, Camilo Higuita, Anupam Basak

Manifesto Compliance Plan

Candidate ready

Status Description Notes
DONE Project description
DONE Project team
DONE Proofread manifesto Maui is happy about it, they are already familiar with the community and the ideas.
DONE Manifesto compliance plan Moved communication channels and repositories


Status Description Notes
DONE Repository and code available (in playground) Mostly just Nitrux remaining,
DONE Collaboration
DONE There's no mailing list
IN PROGRESS Website available
DONE Active community Yes
DONE Chat they have a telegram group, will bridge to IRC and Matrix.