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Homebrew KDE

Sponsor: Albert Astals Cid

A third-party Homebrew repo (tap), that allows to install KDE software on macOS systems.


Yurii Kolesnykov is the only active contributor, but there is also some seasoned contributors from time to time.

Manifesto Compliance Plan


Open Governance

- We plan to perform discussion via GitLab tickets and #kde-devel chatroom. We also plan to use existing [email protected] mailing list.

Free Software

- Homebrew KDE is licensed under BSD 2-Clause License. According to KDE Licensing Policy BSD 2-clause is acceptable.

- We started migration to KDE's GitLab as ykolesnykov/homebrew-kde, but more recent commits still need to be ported.


- Anyone is free to contribute, and anyone can use it.


- KDE is still new and very experimental on Mac systems and it provides an easy install process for Mac users. More technical part of Mac users is already have Homebrew installed, which is one best package managers for Mac.

Common Ownership

- Anyone can help out, anyone can contribute, report bugs, active contributors may request write rights.

End-User Focus

- Homebrew KDE tries to make enrollment to it and installation of KDE software as easy as possible and automates all hard routine work under the hood.

Candidate ready

Status Description Notes
DONE Project description see above
DONE Project team see above
DONE Manifesto compliance plan see above


Status Description Notes
DONE Repository and code available (in playground) homebrew-kde
DONE Mailing list available (if applicable) Will use kde-mac mailing list
DONE Website available (if applicable) No website for now other than invent and Mac/MacPorts_Fink_Homebrew
DONE Active community It's not huge, but this is not a code dump, so we're good :)
DONE Manifesto compliance Done, all the items from Manifesto Compliance Plan are in place

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