Sponsor: Aleix Pol Gonzalez

VVAVE is a tiny Qt music player to keep you favorite songs at hand. See


Camilo Higuita Rodriguez

Manifesto Compliance Plan

Open Governance

  • Move to to allow everyone to contribute, currently the work flow applies.
  • Inclusion in official KDE mailing lists

Free Software

Doesn't have a license, will adopt a KDE friendly license once it's incubated.


  • central space where all music preferences are stored
  • certain abstracion from the sources

Common Ownership

Anyone should be able to contribute.

End-User Focus

It's software for humans to enjoy music at lease.

Candidate ready

Status Description Notes
DONE Project description VVAVE is a tiny music player to keep you favorite songs at hand.
DONE Project team It's mostly Camilo now
DONE Manifesto compliance plan No blockers, polishing needed.


Status Description Notes
DONE Repository and code available (in playground) Camilo requests a babe repository. On hold because the name s
DONE Mailing list available Camilo joined kde-community, kde-devel and kde-multimedia mailing lists
DONE Website available Should be moved, Sysadmin confirms there's no problem
DONE Active community Camilo is quite active
DONE Manifesto compliance The codebase adopted GPLv2+

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