Incubator/Notes/Wikimedia Incubator

basically only about adding a new language to one of the existing projects
(nothing found about new projects themselves)

committee is allowed to skip steps if it feels there's enough maturity

It's done in four steps.

Initial proposal: a request has to conform to criteria
 * doesn't overlap existing language for the same project
 * language has to have an ISO 639 code
 * should be different enough from other languages (kind of rules out local dialects)
 * enough living people speaking that language
Discussion: among users, not a vote looked at by the committee but that's it
 * committee verfifies that the request is conform
 * the work is started in an "incubator wiki"
 * if it grows properly it gets to the next stage
 * if it has not enough activity it is closed
Final approval:
 * all requirements are met and there's enough activity
 * committee notifies of a pending approval to the board
 * the board has four days to veto, otherwise the new language is accepted

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