Incubator/Notes/Eclipse Incubator

Probably the most complex lifecycle of the lot with 6 phases

 * group propose interest in creating a project
 * Eclipse Management Organization (EMO) helps setting up the proposal
 * ends when proposal gets published

 * proposers improve the proposal with the committee and community input
 * project gets two mentors coming from the architecture council
 * ends when the proposal is mature enough:
   * clear and concise description
   * well defined scope
   * fit with Eclipse
   * why Eclipse? (kind of motivation letter)
   * resources committed (to avoid being a dumping ground of dead projects)
   * vendor neutral
 * lot of legal stuff because of Eclipse nature with lot of company owned code
 * project gets created in the incubator after a creation review:
   * proposal is complete
   * committee gave approval
   * trademark assignment is complete
   * all questions during review answered
   * qualitative requirements are addressed: enough devs, clear description, collaborations, time for the community, evidence of activity

 * development of the process, community and technology
   * pay attention to the IP policy
   * APIs quality
   * frameworks
   * regular milestones
   * interim releases
   * has roles: contributors, committers, users, adopters
   * follow the eclipse ways
 * ends with a graduation review:
   * PMC approval
   * project plan
   * IP log approval
   * documentation review

 * considered mature project of the eclipse community
 * strong emphasis on quality and predictability
 * still go through release reviews for major releases:
   * IP is clean
   * PMC approval
   * project plan is complete and up to date
   * documentation is ready (including website...)
   * features, APIs, architecture and quality are assessed
   * provide a "state of the community report"
 * if no release for a year, it goes through a continuation review
 * if inactive, it goes through a termination review:
   * PMC approval
   * document the archival process (which accounts to revoke, data to archive, etc.)

 * promotion from mature for the best projects
 * happen after a promotion review

 * inactive projects going through a termination review end there
 * all data archived
 * VCS closed
 * mailing lists disabled although archives are retained
 * only the last download is available on the website
 * if community picks it up again it starts over at the project creation phase

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