Incubator/Notes/Akademy 2013 BoF

KDE inKubator BoF

Potential project:
 * Razor-Qt/LXDE (in discussion)
 * Mer (in discussion)
 * Electronic voting system (
 * Frescobaldi
 * Calibre
 * Lyx
 * Zombie proprietary?? (dropped former proprietary project to put back on track, Blender anyone?)

Outside projects but from KDE people, why? visibility? convenience?
Needs investigation, known cases (all on github btw):
 * Tomahawk
 * Mirko's ThreadWeaver examples
 * ownCloud

What do we provide to a project which got through the joining process?
 * FLA availability
 * Infrastructure (repos, ml, forums)
 * Support (forums staff, promotion)
 * Translations
 * Rest of the community aware of the coming projects (likely a ML)
 * GSoC/GCI slots
 * KDE Trademark
 * Be invited at events

What we require from a successfuly integrated project
 * Culture
   * Complies to the manifesto
   * Governance similar to the other KDE projects
   * Healthy team (metrics needed)
     * Bus number
     * Volunteer/paid proportions
     * Community issues (on-going? regularly?)
   * Learn how to teach/mentor
   * Clear product vision
   * Visited/contributed to other related projects
   * Uses english for code and communication
 * Domains/trademarks transferred to KDE e.V. (?)
 * Be present at events

Projects get out of the incubator into playground or kdereview
depending on the technical maturity (!= from community maturity)

Integration process:
 * Starts with evaluation of the existing project
 * Setup infrastructure, accounts, etc.
   => Allocate a "godfather"
   => Provide a starter kit (doc, translations, etc.)
 * "KDE Incubated Project" stamp
 * Regular reviews to see progress against the initial evaluation
 * Stay in at least for the minimum incubation time

How to deal with some team failing the integration?
 * Deadline? Minimum/maximum times?

 * Dig in Eclipse and Apache incubators (kevin)
 * Look at YCombinator, some of what they do might apply (lydia)
 * Charity incubators? find one to investigate (cornelius)
 * Ask Riddell to add AGPL to the list of allowed licenses (edulix)
 * Look at successful previous integrations (Simon, kdenlive)
 * Try to find failed integrations in KDE
 * Create a list of the initial infrastructure to setup
 * Create the incubated project starter kit

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