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Girish's requirements

Show/hide changes

  • View changes easily - The changes must be shown near the place where the change was actually made. This makes it easier to read without moving the eye too much.
  • Print document with changes
  • Show/hide change operation must not be part of undo/redo stack


  • Pass changes to another viewer who is online?

Inge's requirements

  • View changes easily -- inline or not isn't that important
  • Be able to print the changes
    • options to only print changes (maybe with some context) or only pages with changes would be nice.
  • Finalize changes individually or in groups.
    • In sequential order they were made
    • In sequential order in the document

Ganesh's requirements

Record Changes

  • Ability to record/stop-record changes.
  • Ability to add a comment as to why the change was made.
  • Ability to record who made the change and when the change was made.

Show/hide changes

  • View changes easily - Option to select the part of the document for which changes need to be shown.
  • Doesn't matter whether show/hide changes is added onto the undo stack.
  • View who/when/why details of a change

Finalize Changes

  • Ability to accept/reject changes immediately without having to go somewhere else ( like having a button as a a overlay for the change ).


  • Integration with Google Wave ????

Pierre's requirements

Record changes

  • Completeness of the tracked editing actions.
  • Have all ODF metadata about the change (author, date/time, eventual comment.
  • Be able to also have information about what changed in formatting. NOT PART OF ODF.

Show/Hide changes

  • View changes easily - viewing should be self explanatory and not get in the way of the document viewing/editing
  • Show/hide should not be an undo/redo action
  • Detailed information about change can be viewed when a change tracking tool is active. On normal editing tool, basic information only (the document should look like the "real" document
  • Level of detail about a change is accessible depending on authorization (user X may see that an insertion change was made but not by who).

Manage/Finalize Changes

  • Accept/reject changes can be made from the change tracking tool only.
  • Ability to do group accept/reject.
  • Ability to add comments to changes.
  • Ability to group several changes into one "meta-change".
  • Authorization for accepting/rejecting changes.

Summary and status

Requirement Description Priority Status Remarks
View changes easily Change regions and type must be obvious and close to the location of the change High Basic UI The display of delete change should be revised. Show/hide should not be an undo action
View changes metadata Display author/date/comments of the changes High Basic UI
High/low level of details in viewing metadata Only basic info is displayed with the text editing tool active. High level with the change tracking tool Middle Not started
User authorisation for viewing Implement an authorisation system to control who can see what level of detail Low Not started
Print the changes Ability to print document with/without the change information and metadata Low Not started Options to only print changes (maybe with some context) or only pages with changes
Record/Stop record Ability to toggle change tracking on/off High Done
Completeness of the tracked actions All editing actions should be tracked High In progress
Provide all ODF metadata for changes author, date, comments High Foundations in place, UI to be finished
Saving of formatting change Save also what formatting was changed Middle Not foreseen by ODF spec. Will need to find a mechanism
Change tracking tool Tool to manage changes, like accept/reject, ... High Foundations in place, UI to be finished
Quick access to accept/reject "Inline" accepting/rejecting Middle Not started Should still require the change tracking tool to be active
Group accept/reject Batch processing Low Not started
Merge changes Ability to merge several changes in one Low Not started
Authorisation for accept/reject Implement an authorisation system for the management of changes Low Not started

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