Calligra Words is for creating word processing documents, and not for desktop publishing. Our focus is to provide a powerful and easy to use experience for everyone without being the specialized tool for any specific group of users. That said we try to have enough separation in our code that people (maybe even ourselves in the future) can create extra plugins or custom user interfaces.

Here are some pages with more details and design documents (most is leftover from KWord though);

Current Design Explanation

User interface Design

Usecases for new tech or 'in-development' stuff

End User Ready

In order to make Words end user ready we have to know who the end user is. Turns out that there are different definitions which give different answers. The full details can be found at Calligra/Words/EndUserReady/Personas

Bug processing

The Calligra Words bugs are first triaged and prioritized. Depending on interest from developers (often related to priority but not nessessarily so) the fixing will start. This can be anywhere from immidiately to several years later

Prioritization is based on being ready for a basic user like Susan or for a more specilized user like A.D.Vance.

Right now we have plenty to do to support Susan, so it's quite unlikely the advanced cases will have much interest, but this is open source, and everybody is free to do what they want, so you never know ;)

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