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Minutes from the KOffice sprint in Oslo November 2009

These are the minutes from the meeting of the KOffice community in Oslo november 28th-29th 2009.

1. Git

  • We will move to git as soon as possible, independently from KDE, but there are a couple of blockers open that have to be solved:
    • Convert subversion tree to a Gitorious project. [DONE]
    • Need a couple of commit scripts. Mourice will write those
      • Accountability
      • Checks for headers, license, etc
    • Run the script from Amarok to push back translation info to svn
    • Everybody will have to create Gitorious accounts

2. Release schedule

  • Release schedule will be 6 months for 2.2
  • If the move to Git happens before 2.2, then we will use Git as if it was SVN until the release is done. After the release of 2.2, we will start to use branches.
  • For 2.3, we will likely move to a 4 month release cycle
    • It will be reevaluated after 2.3.
  • The workflow of branches and rules for commits will be discussed on the ML.

3. Presentation of what Nokia is doing with KOffice

Lassi, Suresh and Mani from Nokia and Maemo introduced themselves.

Suresh Chande gave a presentation about what is happening with KOffice within Nokia and Maemo.

  • Announcements:
    • Nokia has developed a testset of ~750 test documents that they will release to the community.
    • Nokia has a derived a set of around 600 high quality bug reports that they want to release to the community.
    • Nokia is making the GUI for fremantle open source and will donate it to the community.
    • Nokia will give a "loan" of 5 model n900 phones to members of the KOffice community.
  • Decisions:
    • The test documents will go into the test repository.
    • It was decided by a quick poll with 7 against 4 to put the Fremantle viewer GUI into trunk under the tools/ subdirectory.

4. Bugfixes for issues with Qt 4.6 will be backported to KOffice 2.1

What did we decide here?

5. Interaction Between the Community and External Organizations

No decisions here

6. Decision Making Within KOffice

Sometimes there are heated technical debates without any final resolution. The current process seems to be to send lots of mails on the ML and whoever lasts the longest "wins". To fix this situation we propose to introduce maintainers for the libraries and key plugins.

  • Decisions:
    • Each library and key plugin that affects msot of KOffice will have a team of 3 maintainers to make final decisions. This should only be used as a last resort.
  • Actions:
    • Pierre Stirnweiss will send out a mail to the ML with a call for these maintainers.

7. Olivier Goffart gave a presentation about library design.

8. Library API discussions.

Boud will write about the decisions here.

9. Metadata

Jos van den Oever gave a presentation on metadata in general, in ODF andin KOffice. He also presented a project that KO GmbH is doing for NLNet and the Dutch government.

10. End User Readiness

It's our goal to make 2.2 ready for the end user. We will do this by working with target users and make the application usable for them. This means that the feature set has to be complete for their usecases.

In addition to that, the following features should be emphasized:

  • Interoperability with OOo
  • Usability, i.e. the features must be usable and not overly complicated or difficult to understand.

App Target user Task / Usecases Features Issues

Kword Irina Rempt? Small docs Spellcheck

       Student?        Assignments             Align Pics

KSpread Inge [office] Budget Printing

                       List handling
       ? [science]

KPres Aaron Present KDE

       Suresh          Present Maemo

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