Amarok/Community/Best of IRC/Kopete integration

<Baxas> Hello, again
<Baxas> I just finish to eat, and I try again if somebody can help me
<sebr> Baxas: whats the problem
<Baxas> are there some developer of amarok by here?
<Baxas> I get a compile error
<birthdaylogger> Baxas: just tell sebr what the problem is :)   
<sebr> birthdaylogger: harald, its your bday?!
<Baxas> make: *** No hay ninguna regla para construir el objetivo `/kopete/protocols/jabber/nmm/amarok/src/engine/',
 necesario para `'. Alto.
<birthdaylogger> sebr: yup
<sebr> birthdaylogger: happy bday!
<birthdaylogger> sebr: thx :)
<sebr> Baxas: amarok within kopete?
<Baxas> happy birthday birthdaylogger
<birthdaylogger> thx Baxas
<sebr> you have a very screwed up checkout
<Baxas> Yes, is a large history
<Baxas> is a develop that I do
<Baxas> at few words
<Baxas> but I still don't change any from amarok sources
<sebr> why do you have amarok source within nmm source within kopete source?
>Baxas> only that I changed the bin objetive to libtool objetive
<Baxas> well,
<sebr> Baxas: you haven't answered the question
<Baxas> One minute
<Paleo> Baxas you're using linux since when ? :P
<Baxas> I try to do a integration between kopete, nmm and amarok. Why?
<sebr> Baxas: haha, then don't come crying to us when it doesnt compile
<birthdaylogger> hehe
<sebr> you are merging three totally separate applications
<markey> it might just work
<markey> it is a cool idea
<sebr> markey: maybe, but we aren't really support crew for this sort of stuff
<Baxas> Because I can use the easyest of nmm to play remote files using kopete
 to get a list of files from other users using the ui of amarok
<Paleo> add kopete contact list in an amaroK tab
<amaroK> I installed amarok in the first tab i got that but you might need to contact.
<sebr> its a kpart?
<sebr> maybe easier to have two seperate sidebars in konqi!
<Baxas> well, the integration that I want to do isn't complex but I get the last
 error and only ask by somebody can give me tip to resolv the problem
<Paleo> Baxas do you know C/C++/QT ?
<Baxas> My idea is use the class of amarok to show and manage information and
 databases of multimedia files
<Baxas> Paleo: I do it principally, but I don't see because I get this error
<Baxas> I use it
<Paleo> lolol
<Baxas> well, my english is not perfect ;-)
<Paleo> your programmer skills neither
<Baxas> I have four or five years collaborating at several qt programs
<Baxas> My skills about makefiles are pool
<Baxas> but My skill about c++ are better
<Baxas> My skills about makefiles are poor<< errata
<Baxas> I want to use kopete to comunicate several users and share their files, dvd, ... information
<Baxas> I have finished the kopete part
<Baxas> And now I am doing the integration with amarok
<Paleo> kopete is an IM
<Baxas> yes
<Paleo> and amaroK a media player
<Baxas> yes
<leinir> I'm just gonna say one, single word here: dcop
<Paleo> come on
<Paleo> :P
<Paleo> use script
<amaroK> What's this mentorship, and what's available in the media in the form of a player.
<Paleo> dont try to merge source together, it won't work this way anyway lol
<Baxas> well, is not as easy
<Baxas> as use dcop
<leinir> That's an entirely un-kde way of doing it :)
<Baxas> I need to modify something classes of amarok to understan nmm:// tag protocol
<Baxas> metabundle class by example
<Baxas> and others to understand that a file with url: nmm://host/home/user/file.mp3 has a special use
<Baxas> by this I thinked that integrate all source code of amarok at my project could be a good idea
<Baxas> but I accept new ideas please
<leinir> A more sane way of doing this would be to utilize the power of dcop for
 inter-process communication... Make patches for kopete and amaroK to allow this,
 and as for the nmm:// protocol description, I think you would find that would be
 much more a kio slave thing...
<amaroK> Anybody use amarok to use kopete to get this properly working i've added a
 kde_kcfg_data, then remade the iso, the script is out of the kio.
<leinir> Actually, an nmm:// kio slave might just be the way forward for this
<leinir> That way not just Kopete and amaroK would be able to handle this, all kde programs would
<hydrogen> amaroK, you are degenerating
<amaroK> As i said, i'm just amazed that gnome can configure other programs to use kde i can amarok out.
<amaroK> hydrogen: Thanks for the the mail after emailing one of our natalie portman 
overlords, naked and petrified with hot grits that runs linux, when duke nukem forever 
is a bit hard to fsck up debian so it'll start segfalting.
<hydrogen> amaroK, see above _&^_
<amaroK> hydrogen: I bet we have like 18 relese above ?
 look how one can get in problems if making jokes about GTK and Qt
<Baxas> is another posibility, do a kio , is complex do a kio slave?
<leinir> No, just grab one of the ones already there and use that as a base for it :)
<birthdaylogger> well, I'm AFK
       * birthdaylogger isn't here, but don't cry, he'll be back
<sebr> goddam birthdaylogger, what a ridiculously long blof
<sebr> blog*
       * sebr scrolls down p.k.o
<Baxas> well, but I still have to send patches to amarok people and that they accept it.
 I don't know if them want it. Ok, I try it.

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