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The following is a sampling of some of the best quotes made in #amarok (and a few pearls from our dev-channel too)


< Nightrose> dork fixed the emails
< Nightrose> *lol*
< Nightrose> dirk


<kruq> amarok is smart
<Amarok> kruq: He's smart, confident, and good looking.


<Amarok> dazjorz: Chuck norris' tears cure cancer. Too bad he has a wife, she's gay.


<insanity> ::amarokforum:: Re: Amarok takes nearly a minute to start @
<Amarok> You poke your backend with a shovel, in a minute.


<Amarok> GoGi: Are are you from?
<GoGi> Amarok: I am from from
<Amarok> GoGi: From what i really am.
<GoGi> (Amarok: ?)


<sebr> ~quit hint
-!- insanity [[email protected]/bot/insanity] has quit ["hint"]
<sebr> haha
<sebr> oops
<sebr> i mean quiz...


<makko> how can i open more sessions of amarok?
<leinirUNI> makko: What for? :)
<leinirUNI> And you can't :)
<makko> leinirUNI: are you sure i can't??
<leinirUNI> Yes :)
<leinirUNI> But why do you want to do that anyway? :)
<makko> leinirUNI: i want to listen to as much music as possible
 (at the same time), of course.
<makko> leinirUNI: i like music very much
<makko> leinirUNI: and listening to just one song at a time is boring
 plus it takes much longer


< synap> I've been to such a big-ass gabber party yesterday
< synap> 15000 people
< synap> incredibly fucking great it was
< synap> too bad I can't walk anymore ;)
< markey> heh
< markey> sounds like good fun!
< eean> lol at first I thought synap said "I've been to such a big ass-grabber party
< eean> its an interesting party theme
< eean> with the right people, it could be fun :)        

<amaroK> French_Maid: You're now using the amarok thong?
<French_Maid> !
<foreboy> haha
<French_Maid> not at the moment, amaroK, sorry
<amaroK> Sorry for the moment...
<French_Maid> I'll work on it
<markey> insanity: confess
<insanity> ok, today is my brithday, so my girlfriend come up to me in 2nd period and says she got with this guy this weekend. I freaked out. But then she told me that she was gonna get with em after school
<enigma_> insanity, ive learned from experience that if someone is a cheater in the past then they will be a cheater in the future.  if you think that she is or has been in the past then dump her
<insanity> done
<markey> rofl

<Paleo> well, it's bigger than I thought it would be
<Paleo> and I don't know where to put it
  • madpenguin8: "hold on, I think the riaa is at my door ;-)"
  • Pizbit: "Tofusensei: How many litres to the gallon?"
  • synap: "she should go to a mental institute"
  • oggb4mp3: "the mostest goldenest of them all"
  • oggb4mp3: "muesli said he took him [amarok] offline so I couldn't talk to him anymore"
  • oggb4mp3: "I think I am probably old enough to be your dad"
  • oggb4mp3: "oggb4mp3 wonders if lfranchi's dad could be his friend"


10:21 < mxcl> so next year = PhD or if I don't get the grade, amateur software development for cash
10:22 < muesli> phd == pretty huge dick?
10:23 < madpenguin8> Pray Hard for Dough
10:23 < muesli> :-))
10:23 < madpenguin8> well multimedia is done
10:23 < judith> I beg tha u do not say such here coz there are ladies arround! Just a request
10:23 < mxcl> muesli: lol :)
10:24 < muesli> judith: uhm, this is irc, right?
10:24 < mxcl> Postgraduate Doctorate
10:24 < judith> right
10:24 < mxcl> not sure about the h
10:24 < muesli> judith: see, the thing is... on irc we all have pretty huge dicks
10:24 < judith> lol


18:47 < illogical> amaroK crash. no bt though. I disconnected gdb since it looked like it 
         was going to be ok
18:48 < amaroK> illogical: Ok, thanks, i'll hopefully be fixed by extracting the shortcuts 
         from the bt.
18:48 < illogical> hahah!
18:49 < mxcl> heh, amaroK is self-aware
18:49 < amaroK> Is it just me or is it amarok?
18:49 < mxcl> heh, how deep!


[23:51] <Jkwon^> i have a question
[23:51] <Jkwon^> ?
[23:51] <Jkwon^> i want to install
[23:51] <Jkwon^> internet on fedora core2
[23:51] <Jkwon^> but it doesn't work
[23:51] <Pizbit> That's because it's too big.
[23:51] <Jkwon^> what
[23:51] <Jkwon^> ?
[23:51] <Jkwon^> is too big?
[23:51] <Jkwon^> Pizbit is too big what?
[23:51] <Pizbit> The internet is too big for fc2.
[23:51] <Jkwon^> aaaa
[23:51] <Jkwon^> understood
[23:51] <Jkwon^> but fedora core 1
[23:51] <Jkwon^> ?
[23:51] <Jkwon^> is ok?
[23:51] --- HellHound sets ban on *!*
[23:51] <-- HellHound has kicked Jkwon^ from #LINUXHELP (Flooding (1st warning))


[07:42:07] <eean> ...
[07:45:26] <muesli> 3 minutes without a line
[07:45:30] <muesli> i feel disconnected
[07:45:45] <muesli> uhm
[07:45:47] <muesli> am i?
[07:45:48] <muesli> hello?
[07:46:03] <pepperpot> thought you were talking about coke for a second


[19:53:53] <markey> |order cig
[19:53:54] <nightbot> markey: Error: 'order' is not a valid command.
[19:53:54] * daybot slides cig down the bar to markey
[19:54:06] <markey> good to have a backup bot


[21:58] <mxcl> oggb4mp3: I was thinking it would be cool if you could burn a CD 
           and take it to a friends and boot it up and amaroK starts  playing your 
           party-playlist or something
[21:58] <illogic-al> and then i thought, dude. share.
[21:58] <amaroK> There's a party in the cd.


[17:31] <lfranchi_> amarok still hates me
[17:31] <amaroK> lfranchi_: Kmail hates me.


<eean> RTFM
<psycovic> TFM is dead
<eean> #amarok isn't man tar


 <-edited-> lol...well since the channel seems so accepting, I'll tell the whole truth, 
               I'm a pre-op transsexual (male-to-female), so yeah I'm a girl but right 
               now I'm in the wrong body
 <-edited-> eh..its easier to think of it as that I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body


 <^Swaft> I wont be here alot today, my sister just had her new baby
 <madpenguin8> cool 
 <madpenguin8> Uncle ^Swaft 
 <^Swaft> yeah uncle ^Swaft twice now
 <muesli> "her new baby" 
 <muesli> sounds like 
 <muesli> "my new car" 
 <muesli> or 
 <muesli> "my new mobile" 
 <^Swaft> lol
 <^Swaft> sry for bad english :P
 <muesli> "hey you got a new baby?" - "yeah, the old one just didn't work anymore" 
 <^Swaft> rofl
 <^Swaft> gonna had that to the wiki irc section
 <muesli> "hey, your baby seems pretty worn off" - "yeah need to get a new one, soon" 
 <^Swaft> lmao stop laughing at me chris :P


 <madpenguin8> amaroK: I see you're as crazy as ever
 <amaroK> Fuck you!
 <madpenguin8> damn
 <amaroK> madpenguin8: I find that, as long as i have a look at the local airport was leaking kerosine like crazy.
 <pvh> amaroK: Bots should be seen and not heard.
 <pvh> amaroK: Bots should speak when spoken to.
 <amaroK> pvh: you are teh sux0r
 <pvh> DAMN!


 <Baxas> Hello, again
 <Baxas> I just finish to eat, and I try again if somebody can help me
 <sebr> Baxas: whats the problem
 <Baxas> are there some developer of amarok by here?
 <Baxas> I get a compile error
 <Baxas> make: *** No hay ninguna regla para construir el objetivo
         `/kopete/protocols/jabber/nmm/amarok/src/engine/', necesario para
         `'. Alto.
 <sebr> Baxas: amarok within kopete?
 <Baxas> happy birthday birthdaylogger
 <sebr> you have a very screwed up checkout
 <Baxas> Yes, is a large history
 <Baxas> is a develop that I do
 <Baxas> at few words
 <Baxas> but I still don't change any from amarok sources
 <sebr> why do you have amarok source within nmm source within kopete source?
 <Baxas> only that I changed the bin objetive to libtool objetive
 <Baxas> well,
 <sebr> Baxas: you haven't answered the question
 <Baxas> One minute
 <Paleo> Baxas you're using linux since when ? :P
 <Baxas> I try to do a integration between kopete, nmm and amarok. Why?
 <sebr> Baxas: haha, then don't come crying to us when it doesnt compile
 <sebr> you are merging three totally separate applications
 <Baxas> Because I can use the easyest of nmm to play remote files using kopete to 
         get a list of files from other users using the ui of amarok
 <Baxas> well, the integration that I want to do isn't complex but I get the last 
         error and only ask by somebody can give me tip to resolv the problem


 <oggb4mp3> if 50% of what mxcl says is nonsense, and 50% of what tightcode hears doesn't 
            make sense, how do they communicate?


[21:50] <ma3x> madpenguin8, how did you come to love computers?
[21:50] <madpenguin8> ma3x: dunno, I guess I always have loved tinkering with things
[21:50] <ma3x> never seen a woman in my life that works with linux
[21:51] <madpenguin8> dude
[21:51] <madpenguin8> I'm not a woman
[21:51] <Distro^Junkie> lol


[21:45:22] <Tm_T> I hate me
[21:45:23] <Tm_T> me too


<Paleo> Enrique Iglesias is creating an extra-small condom product line
<^Swaft> you kidding right?
<eean> Paleo: o.O
<Paleo> so other man like him feels better and less embarassed
<lfranchi> haha
<^Swaft> Paleo, you have no life
<^Swaft> :P
<Paleo> ?
<^Swaft> where the hell did you found that information O.o other then googling Enrique and penis?
<^Swaft> :D
<Paleo> lol


<lfranchi>    ~confess
<lfranchi>    *gasp* where is insanity?
*   mkoebele has quit (Success)
<illissius>   gone
<illissius>   so is markey
<illissius>   lonely are we.
*   puckman has quit (Remote closed the connection)
<lfranchi>    illissius: truer words have not been said


terribleCabbage I can quit at any time.
terribleCabbage ...
terribleCabbage ~confess

Best of the Bot


<amaroK> Xine is a 23-year-old, long-legged, german-born beauty who walked out on my disk like that amarok


[22:51:24] <amaroK> hydrogen: Gentoo is a psedonym for hell.


[21:59:11] <eean> amaroK isn't professional. at least, I'm not getting paid.
[21:59:15] <amaroK> eean: But i'm not getting paid.
[21:59:24] <eean> look, we don't even pay our bots


[00:17:18] <amaroK> Firetech: Just remember, don't feed shit to the visualizations.. A new windows pops that not
is owned by me and i believe i found out about 2 years ago payed the k-9 handler for both him -and his dog-,
including overtime. Oops.


[15:35:34] <adamt> amaroK: what do you think about insanity?
[15:35:39] <amaroK> adamt: Insanity is dead, so i need to be insanity.


[15:46:31] <amaroK> Firetech: Np: faithless - like ice in the small selection the dev components of stuff?


<amaroK> I live for amarok live.


Dhraakellian match *sense*
amaroK Dhraakellian: Sorry, no matches


[12:26] <mxcl> I just buggered a pony
[12:26] <mxcl> it loved it
[22:42:07] <illissius> amaroK: ponies?
[22:42:12] <amaroK> illissius: Omg!! Ponies!! Muesli is the official language here.
[22:46:03] <illissius> amaroK: mkay?
[22:46:08] <amaroK> illissius: Don't think i'm slutty?
[22:46:15] <illissius> amaroK: nah, just a bit
[22:46:20] <amaroK> illissius: No, just a good bit.
[22:46:26] <illissius> amaroK: the best bit
[22:46:30] <amaroK> illissius: Best is a bit of the sound or makes it harder.
[22:46:55] <illissius> amaroK: oh yes, harder
[22:46:59] <amaroK> illissius: Yes this is a little harder.
<amaroK> illissius: You can add playlists, under streams or at coffe shops...
[23:11:31] <illissius> amaroK: demicanadian bastard lunatic
[23:11:36] <amaroK> illissius: What a bastard.
[23:11:56] <illissius> amaroK: truly.
[23:12:01] <amaroK> illissius: In the form of $2 coins from my recycle bin. And, even if i truly thought i saw them, aseigo. 
[23:13:31] <illissius> amaroK: aseigo.
[23:13:36] <amaroK> illissius: I click ok and get infos out of fear that aseigo would dislike the idea of fun.
[23:18:17] <illissius> amaroK: I didn't ask.
[23:18:23] <amaroK> illissius: Ask, don't ask to ask.
[23:18:33] <illissius> amaroK: or risk axeing
[23:18:39] <amaroK> illissius: Too much risk.
[23:18:43] <illissius> amaroK: aye.
[23:22:27] <illissius> amaroK: why
[23:22:33] <amaroK> illissius: Wondering, why is this amarok rlvdsybprkygqu5eierjrsbnt1rirvjgvunlrvihise.
[23:22:42] <illissius> amaroK: I haven't a fucking clue

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