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People who are able and willing to attend a meeting somewhere on Earth, sometime this summer. Put an asterisk after your name if you would have a laptop. Then what broad times you would probably be available.

  • Ian Monroe* - May 8 to August 25th. I have enough air miles to get anywhere in the US for free.
  • Bart Cerneels* - May to September unless work demands presence, preferred: July 14-29 or akademy
  • Dan Leinir Jensen* - Basically only akademy (very booked up ;) )
  • T.R.Shashwath (shash)* - Pretty much any time from May to August or so, unless something crops up (except August 15th...)
  • Alexandre Oliveira - Preferred time is July, especially after 7th. I might be able to go in other months, but I don't know for sure yet.
  • Nikolaj Hald Nielsen* - Middle of june and onwards. Since I have never been to Akademy and most likely only have time for one Amarok related trip this year, this might be an ideal solution for me. Update: KDE e.v. will pay 80% of my travel expenses for attending aKademy!
  • Seb Ruiz* - My exams are in June, so I couldn't not attend then. Before or after is fine.
  • Max Howell* - Anytime is fine, and I have a teh awesome laptop, woo.
  • Martin Aumueller* - After mid of July might be easiest, but probably I could manage to come any time. Travelling is free for me anywhere in Germany.
  • Mark Kretschmann
  • Jeff Mitchell - Not sure yet. Will update when I know.
  • Maximilian Kossick* - I might be able to come to a meeting before July. During July, i'll have to finish my thesis. Second half of August and later is fine. I'm not sure yet if i'll be able to make it to Akademy.
  • Paul Cifarelli* - Could possibly combine with a work trip to London, if somewhere in Europe. Would be limited to a weekend though

Location Possibilities

Moved to Locations. Akademy in Glasgow has been decided.

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