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Developers interested to join, please read.

Hello and Welcome.


Preferred skills

  • It helps if a new Calligra software developer has:
    • advanced C++ knowledge
    • Qt development skills
    • Practice of KDE applications development is optional
    • Some experience of using version control systems (git or svn) is welcome

Specific knowledge like graphics processing for Krita or database-related knowledge for Kexi is not required but may be a plus for some tasks. Linux/Unix/Mac OS X and MS Windows developers are welcome but please note that x86 Linux is the development environment of most (if not all) Calligra Developers.

Present yourself

It would be nice (but is not required if you feel bad about this) to write to the mailing list and answering these generic questions that would help to proceed:

  1. what projects have you contributed to (type of projects, provide links if possible)?
  2. what are your skills regarding to: C++, Qt Framework, KDE Development Frameworks
  3. do you have specific skills like graphics processing or database knowledge?
  4. how much time for the project have you got? (examples: 4 hours twice a week, or weekends)

Additional information is also welcome:

  1. are you student or full time developer?
  2. have you got permanent internet connection?
  3. do you speak/read/type (at least) "internet" English?

Look around

Then you would want to study quite a bit and look around.

You can study information on how to develop/contribute on Calligra wiki pages, especially:

  1. How to build Calligra from the source code
  2. Contributing a Patch
  3. How to report bug.

Depending on your skills you can in particular look at the Junior Jobs page.

Should any question arise please ask on the calligra-devel mailing list.

Please also see the Calligra Academy, a formal training programme.

          Have fun!

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