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Presentation of the project

Zanshin is trying to provide a software support for the "Getting things done" approach of David Allen. It integrates very well in the KDE environment using Akonadi as a main back-end to store you personal information, providing strong integration with KMail or KOrganizer. Zanshin is targeting tasks management, but in order to provide a note management aspect, Renku, a standalone application is born along the development process. Both are complementary and help the user to keep track of his todo's activities.

Reference :

Zanshin's Context

Context is a meta-data concept. Since todos/tasks can be related, for instance, to a specific project, it would be nice to express this semantic link : that's where Context rises up. You, as a user, will be able to link any kind of context name to a todo, helping you to organize and give the semantic you want them to have.

Akonadi Backend : The context concept is stored into akonadi through the Akonadi Tag. An item holds a list of Tag that have a name and can be from different types. As a convention, a tag with the custom type "zanshin-context" would be zanshin related, its name, that will be displayed to the user, will depend on what the user as set.

Zanhin User Stories

Inbox and base editing

All done

Projects and task hierarchy basics

All Done

Complete base workflow

All Done

Base workflow convenience

All Done

Context basics

All Done

Context conveniences / Complete projects 1

All Done

Complete contexts 1 / Complete projects 2

  • As a user I want to filter tasks by context.

Workday view basics

All Done

Workday view convenience

All Done

Navigation Convenience Behavior

All Done


  • As a user I want to sort by title, end-date, due-date : partially done


  • purge all completed task in order to clean my tasks lists

Renku User stories

Notes and tags basics

All Done

Complete notes/tags / Task advanced edition bases

All Done

Notes convenience

All Done


Note: Context are only in Zanshin and Tag are only in Renku

  • As a user I want to filter notes by tags

Task advanced edition + Delegation

  • Can propose to someone a task delegation in order to offload work to someone else
  • task get associated to a context corresponding to a person (find a way to display it)
  • notification got sent to the person
  • Technical story : Given a delegated task, when it gets modified the notification is sent to the relevant user



  • As a user I want to delegate a task to another user.
  • As a user I want to monitor progress of a delegated task (The progress updates are handled by iTip already).
    • As a user I want to see tasks that I assigned to someone but have a visual distinction that I don't have to act on them directly.
  • (As a user I want to accept or decline a task that was assigned to me.) => This is handled by kmail

Folder / Data sources selection (same for notes and todos)

  • As a user I want to see tasks in a selected folder
  • As a user I want to see tasks from multiple selected folders
  • As a user I want to maintain a list of visible although not necessarily selected folders, so I can quickly enabled the folders as required.
  • As a user I want to search for new folders to enable, that will then appear in my folder list.
  • As a user I want to remove folders from my currently visible list.
  • As a user I want to create new folders
  • As a user I want share my folders with other users
  • As a user I want to see to whom a shared folder belongs.


Draft UI Mockups, not final.

Mockups by Björn Balazs


Mockups by Christian Mollekopf

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