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When I upload my ssh key, it tells me that the key is invalid. I'm sure my public key is fine! This is probably caused by your public key not having a comment. Open your public key file and look if it ends with a small comment. If not, add one. It should like something like:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EA...q89tLQDeeLAiiQt80P2tiNIOw== Comment


These is a small todo list, mostly internal for the sysadmin crew, but so you all know what still needs to be done:

The eV-membership tab is not actived, even if you are an eV-member. It is still being developed.

The form doesn't accept email addresses with delimiters (eg [email protected])

People can still fill in a new application despite having a pending one.

Send out an automatic confirmation to a user when his account is upgraded to developer.

Show the groups you are in somewhere

The edit certificates can be removed for now

Change email is broken

KHTML has misaligned text at top right

The developers-addressbook is currently to-be-ported by the gosa devs to 2.7.

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