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When I upload my ssh key, it tells me that the key is invalid. I'm sure my public key is fine!

This is probably caused by your public key not having a comment. Open your public key file and look if it ends with a small comment. If not, add one. It should look something like:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EA...q89tLQDeeLAiiQt80P2tiNIOw== Comment

How have the accounts from the past been imported into gosa?

If you were an active developer, your svn username has become your gosa login and your ssh-key has been imported, together with your name and email. You are marked as 'developer', so you have push access.

If you were an active developer with a https based account, this applies too, but of course your ssh-key list is empty. Simply set a ssh-key and you are able to commit again.

If you have been an active developer and have been disabled at some point of time, for example on your own request, you are are imported into gosa as a 'user', that means your loginname equals your former svn username, but you don't have push rights.

What is the privacy policy?

Your privacy is important to us. We have set it the visibility in the following way:

You are a user You are a developer You are an eV-member
Full name (incl.titles), d d d&e
Email address d d d&e
Username d d d&e
Gender No d d&e
Jabber Id No d d&e
Date of Birth No No e
Phone nr No No e
Postal Address No No e

Where 'e' stands for 'You will see this info from eV-members' and 'd' for 'You will see this info from developers'.

Your Date of Birth will not be shown to anyone, except if you are an eV-member, in that case it will be shown to other eV-members. Your Jabber id will be shown to every developer and eV-member, but only if you are a developer too. Normal users can only see the basic information from all developers, like name, email and username.

You are of course completely free to not fill in the details you don’t feel comfortable with, except your full name and email address.

Why can't I login to other sites with my credentials We are aware of a bug with certain special characters. If you have a ' in your password, it might not work on some sites powered by Please remove them from your password on and try again. If you find such a character, let us know via a bugreport. We know about the ' character.


These is a small todo list, mostly internal for the sysadmin crew, but so you all know what still needs to be done:


The page layout on forces a rather wide window for penalty of a horizontal scrollbar otherwise

KHTML has misaligned text at top right

Technical bugs:

Default language should be english, not browser dependent.

Setting an avatar fails and leads to a timeout when saving the profile

Show the groups you are in somewhere

People can still fill in a new devel application despite having a pending one.

Send out an automatic confirmation to a user when his account is upgraded to developer.

The developers-addressbook is currently to-be-ported by the gosa devs to 2.7.

Long term:

Make po's available for translators