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Where and When

  • When: 1st June to 7th June 2011
  • Where: Randa, Switzerland

More information at https://sprints.kde.org/sprint/10


Over 60 KDE Developers attented the main Randa sprint, during 1-7 June 2011 in Switzerland. The developers had worked on different projects; one of them was Nepomuk. Despite that the improvement of the Nepomuk was originally planned, Sebastian Trueg and Daniele E. Domenichelli finished a script for Nepomuk which extracts all ontology entities from the sources and generates docbook references.


  • Improved Nepomuk Documentation
  • Improved and finished a script for Nepomuk
  • The intergration of Nepomuk with Zeitgeist was brought into discussion and steps have been made since then


  • Make the permission system for graphs - Private (to the application which created the graph), System (default), Contacts, World
  • Permissions for reading/changing



Name Nickname Group
Mario Fux unormal Nepomuk
Ivan Čukić Nepomuk
Sebastian Trueg trueg Nepomuk
Smit Shah Who Nepomuk
Daniele E. Domenichelli drdanz Nepomuk
Martin Klapetek mck182 Nepomuk

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