The 2011 Promo Team sprint is from 6-8 May 2011 in Southampton. We are fortunate to be sponsored by the School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton as hosting partner for this sprint.

This page tracks organisation, tasks to be done at the sprint and provides information for attendees.


Please fill in your final details below. Check the nights accommodation required. When it is all good put 'Yes' in the 'Confirm room booking' column to confirm that you are coming and we should book you a room for those nights.

Name Travel costs Arrive day/time Depart day/time Hotel nights required Share room? Special Food Reqs Confirm room booking?
Estimated Actual Thurs Fri Sat Sun Mon
Stuart Jarvis 0 0 Always here Always here - - - - - - - -
Oriol Mirosa US$900 Not attending - Y Y Y - OK N
Justin Kirby US$900 Friday morning/afternoon Monday morning - Y Y Y - - Y
Pau Garcia i Quiles 200 - 250 EUR Friday morning (Gatwick) Sunday afternoon (Gatwick) - Y Y - - OK Y
Aaron Seigo ~300 EUR Not attending - Y Y Y - OK N
Carl Symons US$1000 Not attending - - - - - - - - - N
Marc Deop(Damnshock) 150€ - Y Y - - OK
Damien Tardy-Panis ~150€ Friday morning/afternoon Sunday afternoon - Y Y - - OK Y
Thomas Thym ~300 EUR Not attending - - - - - - N
Javier Llorente ~200 EUR Not attending - - - - - - N
Agustín Benito Bethencourt 100 - 130 € - Y Y Y Y OK
Claudia Rauch 150 EUR Y Y Y - - - Y
Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen 50 EUR - Y Y Y - OK Y

Southampton Information


The University of Southampton department of Engineering and Computer Science can offer us rooms, WiFi access and free lunches. They would also to hold a joint event including a presentation to students about KDE, probably on the Friday at some point.

More info on Southampton as a city is on Wikipedia.



  • Southampton (IATA:SOU) with links to Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Paris-CDG and a few others
  • London Heathrow (LHR) links to Southampton via the London Underground and then a 1:20 train journey
  • London Gatwick (LGW) links to Southampton via trains (a few direct, most with one change)
  • Bournemouth (BOH) airport has links to Spain, Portugal and Italy and is about 1 hour from Southampton by train.


  • Portsmouth ferry port provides access to various ports in northern France and is then a short train journey from Southampton

International Trains:

  • You could take the Eurostar through the channel tunnel to London and then the London Underground and train to Southampton. However, this is unlikely to be the cheapest option.

Travel in UK:

  • The Trainline can help you plan train journeys. The relevant stations are Southampton Central and Southampton Airport Parkway (both are on the main train line to London and bus route to the university)
  • LHR and LGW are also accessible by coach (e.g those run by National Express).


Preferred option for group booking:

  • Bannister Guest House, near bus route, singles from GBP 33/night/room, twins from GBP 54/room/night (shared bathroom, some ensuites available)

Subject to availability (which is good at the moment) we will book everyone into the above.

Other accommodation:

  • Travelodge, the Avenue, on uni bus route. Prices ~ 60 GBP/night/room
  • Elizabeth House Hotel, the Avenue, on uni bus route. Singles from GBP 60/room/night, twins from GBP 70/room/nigh
  • Highfield House hotel, walking distance to uni. Prices GBP 59/room/night (single and twin)
  • Etap, near station, GBP 40/night singles (not sure if group booking possible)


Please feel free to add here. Sticking your name after the suggestion makes it easier in case we need to clarify what is meant :-)

  • Prepare for Desktop Summit (this would be insanely valuable on its own as

very little has happened on the KDE side so far)

    • Update the KDE Press Pack
  • Join the Game (Supporting Membership program) needs a big push
  • Making the most of the Promo Booklet - we have it, now how can we best use it?
  • Create some wiki pages for important repeatable promo tasks
    • Create content explaining to other people in KDE how to access the skills and services of the Promo team
    • Ensure we have an up to date page with boilerplate slides for use at conferences, LUG meetings, etc to introduce people to KDE so people don't have to reinvent the wheel every time
    • A page for all things related to conferences that people might need, like having all source files for flyers, stickers, install media, etc in one spot
    • Organize pages for major initiatives like ISMP ("Join the game") and the upcoming corporate sponsorship campaign
    • General cleanup
    • Clear messages to KDE presenters/users about live CD/DVD options
    • Youtube ads, new stories, etc. linked and useful as a resource
    • Shop/Wiki: KDE gear for sale, SVG images for printing, booklet for printing
    • Potential improvements to live CD/DVDs, as suggested by Thomas Thym [1]
    • Survey - discussed on the promo list previously, also on Etherpad: survey users about perceptions, usage, survey developers about where to add promo value? (sprint a good time to get survey(s) ready)
    • Make it easy for would be grass roots promoters to get the resources they need (Stuart Jarvis)
  • (pgquiles) Get better exposure and more involvement for Windows/Mac efforts. For both users and developers. Non-Linux platforms badly need more developers, and Windows and Mac could bring many new developers in.
  • (pgquiles) "Sell" (advertise, not $$$) kdesupport, kdelibs, kdepimlibs and calligralibs (former kofficelibs) to third-parties as just one more module to Qt. Important: commercial support. See my mail to the kde-promo list for more info.
  • Team building....in other words: meet each other in person, drink beers

(or whatever you prefer), hang out

  • Pushing KDE EDU (esp. at schools)
  • Discuss the functioning of the promo/marketing teams and how we can improve in the future (tasks, responsibilities, communication, decisionmaking)
  • KDE.News - editor meeting and discussion of staffing

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