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The KDE Promotion Team organised a Sprint in Southampton in May 2011.



The following people attended:

  • Lukas Dzikaras
  • Agustín Benito Bethencourt
  • Claudia Rauch
  • Stuart Jarvis
  • Pau Garcia i Quiles
  • Damien Tardy-Panis
  • Justin Kirby
  • Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen

This was the first promo sprint attended by all but Justin, Claudia and Stuart.


The following key issues were addressed:

Join the Game

We spent some time brainstorming ways to promote Join the Game, our membership campaign which encourages individuals to support KDE financially. This included the production of new web graphics to help people promote the program and consolidation of existing resources into one place.

We also reviewed the new Join the Game website, replaced the text and modified the layout. As a result of this work, the new website went live at Linux Tag a few days later.

Desktop Summit Planning

We reviewed the tasks needed for the Berlin Desktop Summit, worked on the program announcement and had an IRC meeting with GNOME representatives to agree scheduling and duties. This laid the groundwork for the announcement of the program two weeks later.

Promotion Infrastructure Housekeeping

We tidied up the promotion team wiki pages to make it easier for new contributors to find information and resources and to locate all our materials in easy to find locations

KDE Website Review

We reviewed the kde.org website and navigation structure and came up with ideas that will be presented at the web sprint in June 2011

Dot Team Meeting

We discussed improving interaction with our community on the Dot. Carl Symons and Ben Cooksley worked on improving infrastructure for monitoring and managing Dot article comments and anonymous comments were re-enabled for the first time in several years on 17 May (for an initial trial period of one month).

KDE Glossary

We began work on a glossary of KDE terms, to help people unfamiliar with KDE understand some of our jargon and to help promoters use our terms consistently.

More Details

The Dot article relating to the sprint contains more details on the weekend's activities.


The planning page for the sprint is available as a historical reference and to aid people planning future sprints.