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* [[KDE_Core/Platform_11|KDE Platform Sprint, location TBD, Spring 2010]]
* [[KDE_Core/Platform_11|KDE Platform Sprint, location TBD, Spring 2010]]
* [[AmarokMobileQ12011|Amarok Mobile Coding Sprint - Gingelom, Belgium - Q1 2011]]
== Past Sprints ==
== Past Sprints ==

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KDE Developer Sprints are focused gatherings of KDE developers to work on a specific part of KDE. Sprints are an opportunity to plan, design, and hack (think 20% socialization and 80% perspiration). They are supported by KDE e.V. financially and organizationally.

Want to organize a sprint or attending a sprint? Everyone should read KDE developer sprint HOWTO for information about the KDE Developer Sprint process.

Upcoming Sprints

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Past Sprints






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