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Plasma Beta Review Day

When a new Plasma release enters Beta Phase, there is about one month time of intense testing, bugfixing and polishing.

During this time we need as many users and developers as possible to help with finding regressions, trying to reproduce incoming reports and generally being on top of as much as possible. The more users, workflows, use cases and hardware the tests are being run on greatly helps to cover a wide variety of the entire software stack.

In order to make this process more accessible, more systematic and hopefully more fun we have an official "Plasma Beta Review Day"


Any user of plasma able to install the latest beta or run a live ISO with our beta on it who want to help.


Please see our Plasma Schedule in the Future releases section. Look for Beta Review Day. All Beta Review Days will start at noon and run until midnight UTC/GMT, with people welcome to turn up and drop out whenever.


Join us in our web-conferencing channel. You can join with a camera and a microphone or just in the classic text chat.

What will this consist of?

  • Introductions to Our Bugzilla Bugtracking System for people who want support for filing or triaging their first bugs
  • Being assigned a short list of bugs to validate or de-duplicate entries (for those more experienced)
  • Going through a defined list of all the new areas of Plasma to check for regressions
  • Developers being online: if Developers can get debug info for issues you have (we will help you with getting this info), they might be able identify and fix things in real time!

What should I prepare?

Ideally get yourself set up with a beta of the latest Plasma. You can either use on of the Live-Images (without the need to install) or use packages provided by your distribution.

Disclaimer: As this is Beta Software, there is a (small) chance that you might encounter data loss if you're installing the Beta version to your system. Make sure that you backup any data before installing. Users of the Live-Image are less likely to encounter data loss, but a backup of your data is still encouraged!

We hope to see you all soon!

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