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The goal of this page is to have a list of tasks and associated names(!) to track what we still have to do.

The page starts with a list of topics which still have to be added to the task list. Some of these have a list of tasks somewhere already, others have to be discussed. A few are of more strategic level, others are very practical.

Once a task is done, put it at the top & mark it as done. In time we'll clean them up. Feel free to pick up tasks which have no associated name (but announce/discuss on promo, you might get pointers there as well).

(I'm not good at tables so I'll use plaintext. Feel free to fix that.)

Topics to discuss & turn into plans

  • Boothbox stuff to be added - contact booth team (jos)
  • website stuff to be added - contact web team (jos)
  • The Mean and Lean Release Machine
  • rewriting texts on kde.org and other sites
  • write feature guide for 4.4
  • improve kdeslides & guide ppl talking about KDE
  • move to 1 wiki
  • get more donations and support
  • involve companies by setting up a 'advisory board' like institute
  • connect to local communities

Current list of tasks:

  • revive commit digest
      • Set up a team to help Danny
      • new DIGEST keyword -> talk to dirk/dfaure/toma
  • Promote Camp KDE
      • Get contest up and running (Troy) (done)
      • Contact Podcasts (Jos) (done)
      • contact bloggers
      • twitter & identi.ca account with regular announcements & stuff, find out who maintains the Camp KDE twitter account
      • facebook & linked-in groups 'we go to camp kde'
      • success story (hoffman - troy will take care of this)
      • invite Ryan Paul and other journos (Troy)
      • story about what will be at camp KDE (jos: conf call with jeff & Leo and do announcement about that on press list (lydia)) write also about twitter & identi.ca
      • dot articles: marketing specific talks/topics (jeff & leo to do this, jos contacts them)
      • Talk to local lugs, spreading info, get in groups and spam them with camp stuff eg Scale. Contact Alex Spehr for scale. [email protected] (justin)
      • blog about available funding (but apply before Christmas) (ask aaron - jos will)
      • approach specific people (comment by cornelius: addressing people directly is very important. make a list of all attendees which were at the Jamaica event and those who were at the release event, write an individual email to each of them and ask them to come to Camp KDE (and bring two friends))
          • guillermo
          • george wright
          • XXXXXX
      • Contact other communities
          • FSF? Who knows anyone? Lydia follows up on this
          • FLOSS weekly (claudia)
          • linux foundation (claudia)
          • linux journal (jos)
      • mail to e.V. membership list to promote Camp KDE (Jos)
      • Create list of ppl to be contacted to promo list (Troy)
  • Recruit new contributors
      • Revive Forum Classroom (recruit tutors)
      • Write Junior Jobs Walkthough articles
      • Fix getinvolved website
      • Create Junior Jobs Digest
      • Promote bugsquad
      • Advertise developer profiles to lower barrier of entry
      • Dot blurb at bottom of relevant articles
  • Marketing at Akademy
      • what announcements will have to go out - jos asks wade for a timeline - he has experience with this.
  • towards akademy there need to be articles.
      • Topics:
      • confirmed talks.
      • dot story, call for sponsors (Claudia)
      • press strategy:
          • list of writers (include local press - ask Sanna, to do Claudia), send out emails to them to make them aware of the event.
          • provide them with material/press package (jos).
          • contact local press (tampere ground team is doing this)
          • contact possible journalists (jos)
      • Set up marketing/promo track
          • determine talks/topics
          • invite people

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