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Electronic resources

Here are some slideshows, images etc that may be useful

Collection of KDE artwork, posters and screenshots

decisions from Akademy 2010

  • hardware is simply to hard - you have to ship both ways
  • contributors generally can bring their own stuff
  • so we go mainly for swag and smaller stuff
  • we need two boxes: one for tradeshows and conferences, one for release parties and the like
  • regional teams will source the stuff locally, then pre-prepare (or at least pre-buy stuff for) a number of boxes
  • define a 'standard' box. Some conferences may be a '2 or 3 box' conference


  • figure out what t-shirts exactly we need.
    • we need at least 2 kinds of t-shirts: a business-compattible one and a community-compattible one
    • designs will be chosen by Stuart in discussion with community
  • figure out costs - to be done by each regional team (EU, Asia, North and South America)
    • shipping costs (if applicable)
    • cost for typical box contents
    • number of events and therefore boxes required

Contents of the 'Event box'


  • X t-shirts for booth members
  • 2 network cables
  • Surge protector with at least 6 plugs - Equipment needs power.
  • Gaffer and scotch tape.
  • Pens and pencils and markers in different sizes and colors.
  • talking points and strategy pages

Give aways:

  • stickers and small goodies
  • KDE postcards
  • t-shirts


  • KDE promo poster(s) (join the game, big KDE flag)
  • KDE information leaflets (blue and yellow)
  • booklets
  • whitepaper

Contents of the 'Party box'

All giveaway:

  • t-shirts
  • stickers and small goodies for sale
  • cool KDE postcards
  • KDE information leaflets (blue and yellow)
  • KDE promo poster(s) (join the game, big KDE flag)
  • whitepaper

Contents of the 'big boothbox'

We basically are not going to do this for now, until the board decides we can spend about 10.000 euro's per year for the 4 main regions (asia, south america, north america and europe) on shipping it around.

  • 4 Network cables - For those booths that have a wired network (like SCALE). 2 for the Demo computers, and 2 for additional laptops that some may bring.
  • A router - Usually each booth only gets one network line, so this is for plugging in more than one computer at the booth into the network using the above cables.
  • Surge protector with at least 6 plugs - All this equipment needs power.
  • A Banner - To tell folk what we are promoting.
  • Safety pins, hooks, packing tape, masking tape, and electrical tape - To hang the banner and tie up the cables, if needed.
  • Pens and pencils and markers in different sizes and colors.
  • t-shirts, stickers and other goodies for sale
  • cool KDE postcards

Surely not there yet but should be in there:

  • 8 t-shirts for boothmembers (still must be designed) (the "digital freedom"/"part of the solution"-shirts work fine, imho)
  • 2 decent Demo computers (not there right now?!?) Preferably all-in-one touchscreen capable devices, low power etc. One can dream...
  • KDE information leaflets (need to be printed)

Things that might be helpful:

  • blank sheets of textile (2x2 metres is a good measure) to cover up, decorate, etc. depending on the location. Makes the booth look magnitudes better when it is located - say - in a shabby gym. Not so necessary on professional fairgrounds.

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