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This page contains banners and other stuff for promo purpose.

Official KDE artwork:

kde.org clipart


Locally Printable Stickers

  • Kdemycommunity.png

The file is available in SVG format within a zip file which also contains the necessary font and layouts for US Letter and A4 page sizes. The idea is to modify the text using Inkscape for local events, export to PDF and take the PDF file to a local printer to make stickers for handout.

  • Boston12.png
  • Mypc-heart-kde.png

Sticker zip file (off site)


Join The Game

Web Banners

  • Join the Game - show your support for KDE's individual supporting membership program


Join the game Blue Plain.gif

  • Join the game Green Striped.gif
  • Join the game Green Plain.gif
  • Join the game Yellow Striped.gif

Join the game Yellow Plain.gif


Get your part.svg]

Playing alone.svg



KDE Brochures

  • The booklet (2011): PDF 12MB
  • Contributing to KDE (inside / outside)
  • What is KDE? (inside / outside) The link kde.org/trykde is outdated. Have not checked the rest of the flyer.

Camp KDE

Campkde2010 logo.png

Lets go to banner1.png

Lets go to banner2.png

KDE 4.4 SC release

<a href="http://kde.org/"><img style="border: 1px solid ; " alt="KDE SC 4.4 Release Counter" src="http://kde-ir.org/release/counter/kde-4.4/counter.php?type=0"></a>

<a href="http://kde.org/"><img style="border: 1px solid ; " alt="KDE SC 4.4 Release Counter" src="http://kde-ir.org/release/counter/kde-4.4/counter.php?type=1"></a>

Generic folder for KDE SC 4.4 Release Party

Previous KDE SC releases

Inspired by freedom-4.3.png

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