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'''KDE North Amerika promtional materials''
'''User targeted brochures'''
SVG Brochur face side: [[File:KDE_Brosure9.svg]]
SVG Brochur in side: [[File:KDE_Brosure9_in.svg]]

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This page contains banners and other stuff for promo purpose.

Offical KDE artwork:

kde.org clipart

Camp KDE:

Campkde2010 logo.png

KDE 4.4 SC release:

Previous KDE SC releases:

Inspired by freedom-4.3.png

'KDE North Amerika promtional materials

User targeted brochures

SVG Brochur face side: KDE Brosure9.svg SVG Brochur in side: KDE Brosure9 in.svg

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