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Junior Jobs and cool things to do

Here will be info on tasks, both easy and more complicated (but well explained) for anyone to pick up.

  • Booth work - We need a set of boothboxes containing swag we can send around to anyone who needs it. It's been on the radar for ages and we've HAD a decent boothbox but we want more and better. Who has the balls?
  • Write about cool things. Check the [[Promo/DotIdeas][article ideas] page. You could write about the Klassroom initiative on the KDE forums, growth metrics and other things. Writing is easier than you think - the dot editor team is skilled and can and will help push things into shape. If your english isn't great or you make lots of spelling and style mistakes - no problemo, they'll be more than happy to help. Feel free to contact some of them personally first, if you like and ask for help. You'll learn a lot about writing, and will get better quickly - an useful skill in real life and online!
  • Promote specific teams like Bugsquad. You can join a specific team like kde-games or bugsquad to help them with promo things. Fix their webpage, write dot articles, do interviews, attend and write about meetings, help with announcements. It's very much fun to do, you'll get to know one of those cool teams, they'll appreciate you a lot, and you'll learn new things while doing it!

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