Promo/Guidance/General KDE Talking Points

Hot topics, good answers

In the Strategy Section you will find answers to typical questions and information on how to talk about some subjects like Akonadi and Nepomuk.

Wow features

Things to talk about or demonstrate that make KDE software better than the competition

  • KWin desktop effects
    • Bling: Cover Flow switcher
    • Useful: Desktop grid combined with expose type effect
  • Kopete
    • All your chat accounts in one app
  • Amarok
    • Wikipedia, Flickr, YouTube integration
    • Magnatune - buy your music right here
  • Digikam
    • Brilliant editor built in
    • Export to everywhere with kipi
  • KRunner
    • You computer is smart - type what you want to do/use
  • Marble
    • OpenStreetMap
  • Gwenview
  • KIO
    • Audiocd - "copy" files straight from the CD
    • Fish
  • Microblog widget
  • Kwallet
  • Plasma flexibility - build your own workspace

Other ideas

I (Stu) have moved ideas I don't find compelling or needing more info to the 'Discussion' tab of this page to keep the main page clean. Please re-import things as required.

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