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Below are lists of "Do"s and "Don't"s to reference when forming public communication pieces. These lists provide a place to gather our collected wisdom and customs around public communication.

KDE Software Compilation (SC)

The KDE SC is not a product which we promote as a single entity. It is a part of the release engineering process and marks the epochal events where KDE releases a large set of KDE software at once in a coordinated release event.

In fact, most articles discussing KDE software should not need to mention KDE SC at all but should instead focus on the workspaces, individual applications and application suites and/or the development platform. These represent the actual products which we strive to promote.

When used in an article, the phrase "KDE Software Compilation" should always be spelled out in full at least once in full. "KDE SC" is vague, insiders-jargon without that.

Consult the Branding Information for more details on how KDE SC fits into the bigger picture.

KDE e.V.

Do not use the phrase "the KDE e.V.", it is instead just "KDE e.V.". Example:

The developer sprint was sponsored by the KDE e.V.

should be:

The developer sprint was sponsored by KDE e.V.

When referring to the membership or other bodies, the article "the" may be used. Example:

The KDE e.V. Board of Directors met for three days in Berlin this week.
When it came time for a vote on the matter, the KDE e.V. membership gathered to make their collective voice heard.

Always provide a link to ev.kde.org when mentioning KDE e.V.

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