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==Write opinion articles for KDE.News==
Generally we expect that the people writing these articles have some kind of qualification to talk about the issue - so you will probably have worked in the relevant area, either within or outside of KDE. Views external to KDE can be just as valuable as they may challenge some ideas that we hold. If you're not sure, just send an email to [email protected] to ask.
{| border="1"
! Topic
! Potential writers
! Status notes
| Why we need the rebranding
| Aaron Seigo
| Did video interview with Justin
| How to succeed on Windows/Mac
| KDE Windows team and an end user on Windows or Mac or Thomas Friedrichsmeier (RKWard dev)
| There has been recent discussion on the kde-windows mailing lists, which is the better place for this at the moment
| KDE Platform versus pure Qt
| Marble devs (use both), SciDAVis devs (Qt)
| KDE Platform and Qt should merge
| Cornelius Schumacher (see [http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-core-devel&m=128842761708404 this email])
| More internal discussion before a public article on this
| Why Plasma Activities are cool
| Could be Aaron, Chani?
| Someone who can give example use cases - e.g. someone who works from home/has one laptop for work and home
For some of these, we might welcome pairs of articles with conflicting points of view.
==Recruit new contributors==
==Recruit new contributors==

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Here are a list of ideas for things that you can do to get involved with the KDE Promotion team. Each task has a contact name for someone who can guide you through what is needed. There is also space to put your name to indicate that you are working on the task, to avoid duplication of effort.

When signing up or asking for a task, you can contact the mentor directly (their name should link to a page with contact details) or send a mail to the kde-promo mailing list. It is generally better to do the latter in case the initial mentor is busy and so that you can get more feedback, meet everyone and let everyone know that you are working on it.

This list is far from complete and we welcome your own ideas for things that you would like to do, articles you would like to write and so on. Just contact the kde-promo list to discuss.

Write feature or news articles for KDE.News

Are you interested in writing articles for KDE's official news outlet, KDE.News? You can have a look at the guidance on articles we accept and come up with your own idea or take up one of the suggestions below.

If you are interested in an option below, fill in your name under 'Asigned to' (it's ok, that doesn't commit you to writing it) and contact either the 'Contact' or, preferably, [email protected] to let us know you are working on it and to ask any questions (such as who you should contact for further information).

Topic Contact Status notes Assigned to
What is the status of KMail with respect to KDE Frameworks 5 KDE PIM team? Could cover KF5 port, refactoring of Akonadi...

Recruit new contributors

Below you can find several ideas to lower barrier of entry in KDE.

Topic Contact Status notes Assigned to
Write junior jobs walkthrough articles
Advertise developer profiles
Create junior jobs digest monthly dot article? Justin Need to review what jobs are posted and then pick some things to highlight and discuss.

Promote KDE teams

You can also promote specific teams like Bugsquad. You can join a specific team like kde-games or bugsquad to help them with promo things. Fix their webpage, write dot articles, do interviews, attend and write about meetings, help with announcements. It's very much fun to do, you'll get to know one of those cool teams, they'll appreciate you a lot, and you'll learn new things while doing it!

Solve Technical/Organisational Problems

Topic Contact Status notes Assigned to
What's the best service(s) to handle promo video? Stuart Jarvis We need YouTube for exposure, but Blip.tv lets us upload and link directly to videos in free formats. It also seems possible to syndicate Blip.tv to YouTube. Is this the best way? Research the options and prepare a report and recommendations for the promo team
Mailing list cleanup Justin Kirby (kirby at kde.org) There are a ton of KDE related mailing lists [1] that are dead or could be combined with other lists. Since these lists are the entry point for communication with many teams having a more concise/useful directory of mailing lists would increase the chances of new people actually reaching someone that can help them with their question. Contact me directly or via the Promo list for details.

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