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This page is for the coordination of the release parties.

Generally we just party, of course, but there are a few things for which we might benefit from each other. For example, feel free to add to the tips section!

Release Parties near YOU!

You can find a list of release parties going on at Parties


A KDE release party needs some promotional materials. Below we first create a list of things which should be cool to have. Below that a list of release parties which would want some. We can then ask the e.V. for support.

cool stuff

  • T-shirts
  • stickers
  • posters

(all of the above need to be a bit more specific)

who wants it

  • name/address/???

tips & tricks

Feel free to add any tips and tricks on having a successful (release)party below!

  • Get beer!
  • Make sure you add a map to your release party listing so people can find you

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