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KDE at FOSDEM 2017

FOSDEM 2016, 4 - 5 February, ULB Campus Solbosch, Brussels, Belgium

  • KDE will be part of the Desktops DevRoom on Sunday only ([1]), devroom organised by Pau Garcia i Quiles, call for papers open until Dec 5 [2] [3]
  • KDE will have a stall (one table)


KDE at FOSDEM 2017 telegram group, join it if you want to hang around with us


Please add yourself and your details if you are coming

Name Available to help on the stall? Book me a place at Saturday evening meal (cost €20 to JRiddell) Accommodation Mobile
Jonathan Riddell Saturday and Sunday Yes Ibis St Cateline +44 7941 938912
David Edmundson Saturday and Sunday Yes Ibis St Cateline +44 7481923182
Ingo Klöcker Saturday, Sunday Yes ? -
Aleix Pol - Yes NH -
José Millán Saturday, Sunday Yes Easyhotel -
Sune Vuorela - Yes - -
Daniel Vrátil - Yes - -
Pau Garcia Quiles Saturday and Sunday Yes EuroCapital Hotel +34 660 149 580
Shinjo Park Sunday Yes
Volker Krause - Yes - -
Lydia Pintscher Only a little bit No Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie -


Cross Desktop Room with Gnome, Enlightenment, etc al Sunday. Deadline for submitting a talk is Dec 5th


We have only been allocated 1 table this year. Hardware planned for the table so far is one laptop and one mobile -- no desktop. Please add hardware if you need to do an extra demo (but keep in mind, 1 table = 1.6m width or so).

What? Who? Status
Name badges Jonathan got them
Demo of KDE Neon KDE neon on Docker on Jonathan's laptop
Demo of Plasma Mobile Plasma mobile on Jonathan's Nexus 5
Demo of 101 Harald Can we also demo Snaps on it?
Table cloths - 2 x large blue
Swag (T-shirts, etc) e.v. has them posting to Lydia's hotel in Brussels 'laptop vinyl stickers are 3cm: 2€, 5cm: 3€ and 7.5cm: 4€'
Amigurumi Konqis We'll only have two big ones
Poster of Neon Jonathan got it
Poster of KDE Jonathan Riddell got it
Manifesto Business Cards
Frameworks 5 leaflets e.v. to be decided
Join The Game forms Jonathan got them
FLA forms e.v. a dozen should suffice
Krita DVDs & Books Boud Jonathan Got them, 15euro
20 Years of KDE book Lydia She will bring them
Duct Tape or similar Jonathan will probably bring some
Tie wraps General stuff to keep the booth tidy.
Power adapters Jonathan got Brexit adapters, bring your own ones flimsy Europeans
Phone chargers Jonathan got Brexit adapters, bring your own ones flimsy Europeans
Power strips 2x4 outlets or more
Kensington locks Nice to be able to tie down the laptop and screens.
Neon shirts Jonathan Riddell got them
Neon stickers and KDE stickers Jonathan Riddell got them
Social experiment Each year there's some funny social experiment or information-collection going on, maybe a sketchbook or extra postcards for a message to Konqi?
fez Jonathan Riddell got them
float Jose
plasma leaflets/poster apol

Brexiteers Last Freedom Road Trip

Jonathan and David are doing a road trip from Edinburgh via London to Bussels and onto the Plasma Sprint in Stuttgart after to celebrate what might be our last chance for European freedom. Let us know if you want to join.

Friday Drinks

Drinks at Delirium or use Telegram group (see top of page) to find quieter place.

Saturday KDE 20 Years Party

Jonathan has booked a corner in at Le Magic Rubens 20:30 on Sat evening to celebrate 21 years of KDE. Note new venue compared to last year.

Cost is €20 each payable to Jonathan which includes finger food and the remainder towards drinks until money runs out (then buy drinks with cash).

You need to book in the table above to be able to come.