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CeBIT 2010 will take place in Hannover, Germany during March 2-6, 2010. KOffice's presence at CeBIT 2010 will be coordinated by XXX.


We have successfully applied for a KOffice booth (confirmed on January 20th). Booth is at hall 2, F34, in the Open Source Project Lounge.


  • Information
    • Check the booth layout with CeBIT (Britta) [ingwa]
    • Check if there is a presentation spot (Britta) [ingwa]
  • Staff
    • Remind Suresh Chande that he was going to dig up somebody from Nokia to help [ingwa]
  • Booth contents [sven coordinates?]
    • Find out the booth layout [ingwa] (see above)
    • Check Name of Nokia guy [ingwa]
    • Big monitor (eckhart)
    • Technology
      • computers (is laptop enough?) (eckhart 1x) (sven 1x)
      • network equipment (switch, extra cables, wireless 3G modem?) (eckhart)
      • Kensington locks (eckhart 2x) (sven 1x)
      • N900 [nokia guy]
    • Information
      • Poster
      • roll-up
      • White paper about KOffice [ingwa]
      • Demo data [ingwa]
      • flyers or business card lookalikes.
  • Personal stuff
    • Nametags


Name Mail Phone Number Tue 2nd Wed 3rd Thu 4th Fri 5th Sat 6th accommodation needed
Inge Wallin [email protected] +46 707 260 853 x x x x x yes
Sven Krohlas [email protected] +49 7247 3116 (no mobile) x x x x x yes
Eckhart Wörner [email protected] +49 173 8026512 x x x x - yes
Guy from Nokia mail phone ? ? ? ? ? no (nokia takes care of that)
Pierre Stirnweiss (?) (?) - - x x x yes
Manuel Nickschas sputnick AT quassel-irc org +49 176 24789909 - x x x ? yes


The following reservations are approved:

Bed Mon-Tue Tue-Wed Wed-Thu Thu-Fri Fri-Sat
1 Eckhart Eckhart Eckhart Eckhart Eckhart
2 Sven Sven Sven Sven Sven
3 Inge Inge Inge Inge Inge
4 Pierre Pierre
5 Sput? Sput Sput Sput

Accomodation is at Altenauer Weg 8, 30419 Hannover.

Project presentation

No presentation is scheduled so far.


We will get two exhibitor passes and enough free online tickets for everybody. __If you like to have some free tickets, just send XXX a mail.__


2009: You can use use your tickets for public transport if you tick the date of validity on the ticket.

Booth equipment

  • Laptops (maybe including kensington locks)
    • One from Sven
  • Duct tape
  • Networking: Ethernet cables, Switch
  • Power supply (maybe adapters needed, depending on your country!)
  • posters