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  • regular articles about KDE statistics
  • how will the kde plasma workspace evolve?
    • Some usability ideas on how kde may look like in 2 to 3 years with all the tablet and multitouch stuff coming
    • Maybe a plasma-tablet (although probably plasma-desktop and plasma-netbook will do everything).
    • Get the activity idea out (coupled with nepomuk).
    • Make people interested and want to join development. What do our "vip?" say about what they think the developmnet will be?
    • Start a usability discussion in kde land to collect ideas and concentrate development...

This nice post from Aaron on techbase could be a basis: [1] (binarylooks)

  • interviews with developers outside the hardcore KDE community using our technology
  • interviews with local translators (getting them closer to community & showing appreciation for their work)
  • interview with bugsquashers & other contributors following reasoning above
  • articles about the KDE teams like KDE edu or KDE games (interview some of them for example at akademy; write a bit about the apps in there (picking out a few, not overview all but go slightly deeper)
  • About numbers. The idea is to take some statistics about our community and write an article about it, and doing so (on different numbers) regularly to turn it into a small series. An example would be Growth Metrics for KDE Contributors [2] by Troy Unrau. There are people on the promo mailinglist who are capable of generating such numbers, you just have to annoy them enough to make them do it just to get rid of you. In other words, big fun ;-)
  • Take a look at this blog [3] by Money Master Alvaro. He talks about an usability review done by Pallavi and Grace Chang for KMyMoney. I'd love to know more! Why did they do that, how did they get in contact, are they going to do more reviews? Doing an interview with them gives them the exposure they deserve (they did great work) and might even motivate them to do an review of another application - a very nice side effect I would say ;-)

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