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This is a guide primarily for Dot editors. However, when submitting an article via the Dot form or by email you can make the editors' job easier (and get your article published more quickly) by formatting it in the way described under "Dot HTML" below.


When you log in as an editor, you can see what is in the queue by visiting:


To create a new article choose 'Create Content' from the right hand side panel in the Dot home page.

You always want to create a 'Story' in the page that comes next.

For each article you will see a 'View' tab and an 'Edit' tab (you go straight in to the editor when you create a new story following the steps above).

The editor has the following fields (some need to be expanded before you can see all the options):

  • Title (text box)
  • Dot Catergories (dropdown list)
  • Body (test box)
  • Input format (collapsed by default)
    • Filtered HTML radio button
    • Full HTML radio button
  • Lanugage (dropdown list)
  • Menu settings (tab)
    • Menu link title (text box)
    • Parent item (dropdown list)
    • Weight (dropdown list)
  • Authoring Information (tab)
    • Authored by (text box)
    • Authored on (text box)
  • Revision Information (tab)
    • Create new revision (check box)
    • Log message (text box)
  • Publishing options (tab)
    • Published (check box)
    • Promoted to front page (check box)
    • Sticky at top of lists (check box)
  • File attachments (tab)
    • Currently attached files
    • Attach new file (button)
  • URL path settings (tab)
    • Automatic alias (check box)
    • Text box to set custon alias
  • Comment settings
    • Disabled (radio button)
    • Read only (radio button)
    • Read/write(radio button)

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