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This is a temporary wiki page to do an interview with KO GMBH

Companies Besides KDE

[Please provide link to photo of yourself] [Please provide link to company logo]

What are the services and products are provided by KO?

Who are the customers of KO?

What exciting projects are you working on currently?

How many people do are working at KO?

What proportion of KO's staff are or have been KDE contributors?

Do you find people contribute more or less to KDE after getting a KDE related job?

How did KO start?

What links does KO have with KDE contributors?

How much does KO contribute to KDE?

What links does KO have with other Free Software projects?

How much of KO's business is on non-free software?

Do you use offices or work from home? [Please give a photo of your work space]

Does contributing to KDE help in getting a job at KO?

Do you think KDE needs more companies working with it or should it remain mostly community maintained?

Do KO staff attend KDE conferences?

What are the advantages of working for KO?

What is your current and past involvement with KDE?

Where was your last company party?

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