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Nepomuk serves as a cross application semantic storage backend. It aims at collecting data from various sources - file indexing, the web, applications, etc, and linking them all together to form a cohesive map of data.

To know more about Nepomuk from a user's point of view, head over to the Nepomuk page on UserBase.

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Nepomuk is one of the core projects in KDE. It has a unique position of being an application framework, and interacting with a large number of applications.

If you're interested in Nepomuk development, you can checkout our junior jobs and tasks

If you're interested, come talk to use on IRC - #nepomuk-kde, or join our mailing list - [email protected]

Meetings, Workshops

IRC Meeting Nepomuk Frameworks 29.08.2011 <br\> pimo:Person discussion - Nepomuk MetaContacts <br\> Removable Media Handling <br\>


Akademy 2010

Akademy 2012 - Constructive Criticism: Prioritizing Nepomuk development


2009 - Coding Sprint

2009 - Open Social Semantic Desktop Workshop Freiburg, Germany

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