First Nepomuk Coding Sprint 2009

The first Nepomuk Coding Sprint will take place in Freiburg, Germany on June 19-21, 2009.


The Sprint will take place in the conference room of the Gasthaus Hirschen. The room is booked from Friday, 16:00 to Sunday, 18:00.

There will be wireless LAN and drinks. You can order coffee and even stuff to eat from the restaurant.


Train Station -> Hotel

Reaching the hotel Frohe Einkehr from the train station is rather simple. There are two possibilities:

  1. Take the tram number 3 direction Vauban and exit at Paula-Modersohn Platz. Then walk down the Hexentalstrasse until you reach the roundabout. From there follow the Alte Strasse until you reach the hotel (see map to reach Frohe Einkehr and map to reach Grüner Baum - be aware that Google's maps do not reflect the new roundabout yet).
  2. Take SBG-Bus 7208 direction Ehrenkirchen Gewerbegebiet. For hotel Frohe Einkehr exit at Schlossweg. Then take the Öleweg (very steep) until you reach the hotel (100m). For hotel Grüner Baum exit at Dorfstrasse and walk back a few meters down the Hexentalstrasse until you reach the hotel.

Hotel -> Workshop

The Hirschen is only a few minutes by foot from the hotel Frohe Einkehr. For proof see the map.

Reaching the Hirschen from the hotel Grüner Baum is even simpler. Just cross the main road and follow the Dorfstrasse into the Friedhofsweg. Again simpler with a map.


Name Email Application Hotel (room type)
Albert Cervera i Areny [email protected] KDE OpenObject Client Frohe Einkehr (double)
Alessandro Diaferia [email protected] Raptor Frohe Einkehr (double)
Daniel Winter [email protected] Amarok Frohe Einkehr (double)
Francesco Grieco [email protected] Raptor Frohe Einkehr (double)
George Goldberg [email protected] Telepathy Frohe Einkehr (single)
Lukas Appelhans [email protected] Raptor/KGet Frohe Einkehr (double)
Marcel Wiesweg [email protected] Digikam Frohe Einkehr (double)
Mathieu Dupuy [email protected] Mandriva (TaskTop) Grüner Baum (single)
Peter Penz [email protected] Dolphin Frohe Einkehr (single)
Sebastian Faubel [email protected] Gnome Frohe Einkehr (double)
Sebastian Trueg [email protected] Nepomuk-KDE -
Tobias König [email protected] Akonadi Frohe Einkehr (double)
Tom Albers [email protected] Mailody Frohe Einkehr (single)



In order for the workshop to be efficient and productive all participants should start out with the same basic knowledge.

The goal of the workshop is to extend existing applications with Nepomuk features. This not only means adding tagging and rating but also creating new data automatically that is not created/remembered at the moment. A typical example is the source of a download.

In order to do this it would be good for participants to think about the possible data their application could remember and draft an ontology for the data (if the data cannot be specified using concepts from the Nepomuk ontologies).

Apart from remembering data there is of course also the possibility to let the user add new information of any kind.


Also it would be very good if everybody could familiarize themselves with the Nepomuk API and the Soprano API (most importantly Soprano::Model::executeQuery) and at least skim over the Nepomuk howtos to get an idea of how the system works.

It is also never a bad idea to get a look at SPARQL, the query language used in Nepomuk. A valuable helper is the SPARQL quick reference.


It is recommended to have a development environment with KDE trunk (KDE 4.3) and the current nepomuk-kde playground already installed on the laptop.


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