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Tokamak 7 takes place from 10 January to 16 January in Barcelona, Spain, at the Blue Systems office.


  • Systemtray review
    • Reducing AppletInterface diff between systray and scriptengine, merge parts into Plasma::Applet?
    • Sharing url interception code
    • More async
    • on demand creation of plasmoids: based on dbus?
  • asyncness: a fullRepresentation property as compactRepresentation?
  • PackageUrlInterceptor
    • forbid private imports from other applets?
    • can we rely on it? the promise it will be guaranteed to work seems quite unreliable
  • components: API review
  • qml scriptengine and "plasmoid" object: API review
  • Calendars in QtQuick, KDEPIM and Plasma
  • State of Wayland
  • State of KWin/5
  • Structuring of Look and Feel components
  • Theme and visual appearance changes
    • Spacing
    • Animation duration (revise animation components, component for menus)
    • Merge PlasmaCore's ThemeProxy and Plasma::Theme?
  • Definition of essential workflows to test against
  • base features still missing
    • global shortcuts
    • autohide panels
    • finish the dashboard
  • finalize widgetexplorer/activitymanager ui: so implementation can be finalized
    • separate activity switcher from widget explorer (new ui proposal)
  • Kickoff:redesign? - what do we expect from a launcher?
  • memory usage: can we improve?
  • workflow gaping holes: exactly identifying what needs to be done right now and create tasks
  • Discuss Improving reviews / workflow
  • Developing better tools for testing
  • Investigate getting rid of *Interface classes
  • Moving QtExtraComponents to a separate lower tier framework (possibly split into tier1 Qt only, and tier3 with KDE things) (kdeclarative?)
  • Social situation
  • Defining the workspace and it's dependencies (The Reference)
  • Session startup
  • Reduce duplication in qmlpackages/blank and qmlpackages/desktop

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