This page records currently outstanding TODOs for the Javascript and QML Plasmoid scripting support. Please feel free to tackle any of the items below at your convenience.

I/O Write

  • write methods that match the read I/O methods


  • POST requests


  • add methods to Plasma::LineEdit that map to the most important parts of KLineEdit's autocomplete API


  • ability to create from a QByteArray
  • ability to create from a remote URL

Access Control

  • Central mechanism for controlling individual plasmoid access to DataEngines, Services and Extensions
    • improve AppletAuthorization and use it in AppletInterface::dataEngine to restrict access
    • perhaps allow the Containment to provide some policy?
    • scriptable policies, so they are runtime?
  • Integrate the cryptographic signing GSoC branch
  • Control access to DataEngines based on advertised safety levels

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