Plasma/Plasma Media Center/Release 1.1

Release Schedule

  • 01 April - Start of development for PMC 1.1
  • 15 June - Feature freeze, no more features to master
  • 01 July - PMC 1.1 Beta
  • 15 July - PMC 1.1 RC
  • 01 Aug - PMC 1.1 release

Planned features

  • Refactored common components for media browsers
  • Keyboard navigation for All Music mode
  • Youtube backend for watching videos
  • Video/Audio podcasts

Achieved features and improvements


  • Youtube backend for watching online videos
  • Media file association with Plasma Media Center
  • Plasma Media Center command line option to open audio and video file in it
 $ plasma-mediacenter [--fullscreen] <audio/video file url>
  • Option to go back to currently playing media on clicking empty area in home-screen


  • Dimming image/video when it is not viewed directly
  • Shuffle playlist items instead of playing random item
  • Reordering playlist item by holding and dragging to new position
  • Deleting playlist item on Holding and dragging item outside playlist

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