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PMC Usability test feedback

  • Controller icons are too black
  • Naming convention of Brwowse Music and All Music not obvious (Browse Music sounds like browsing music files on the basis of artist, albums, etc)
  • When user opens All Music, default list of all music should be displayed instead of Artist list
  • Search text box should be smaller in size in All music ( currently it looks like creating partition)
  • Back buton is not visible
  • Cover arts are missing in Artist and Album
  • search should be enabled by default i.e if user press any key to search, focus should go automatically to search bar
  • One letter search doesn't work (e.g listing all files starting with letter 'M')


  • Need to define project definition and goals
  • Need to write user profiles as on [ ]
  • Need a set-up screen (and options while browsing) to add user's media collection to indexing
  • Informative messages like "Your collection is still being indexed, you might not see all your media"
  • Next release must have artist/album images
  • suggestion for all possible media which are similar to user currently playing e.g if user is watching any TV serial, then related episode should appear
  • Multiple Playlist in PMC